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  1. Elias is quitting the mmorpg Run Escape. After spending sometime as the #1 player he felt the urge to quit. No one would share cookies either so that made him a very grumpy Swede. Maybe one day he will come back. R.I.P. Elias
  2. 1) World ends 2012 2) Even if he got over 10 200m's Elias has such a lead on him he can't catch up.
  3. From what I've heard he sold a lot of his stuff for 200m con. But I know he has merched loads back before ft and has quite enough cash to do whatever.
  4. Simon will be doing slayer. And why not talk about him? He's got the bank to enter top 15 easily.
  5. I can actually know what is fact and what is fiction. I've known Telmo for quite a few years. Me and Telmo have always pretty much been upfront with multiple things in our chatter. I talked with him the day he said he was quitting. It wasn't as long as I had hoped for considering he messaged me at midnight my time when I just got off a long shift at work. We still talked about it all and I tried to talk him out of it. I've also talked to him about overall rankings etc. Ranks didn't matter to him. If they did he would've gotten prayer the first time around when he banked it. I'd rather not have to show proof as only a few people know who I actually am. I've actually told Elias as to the reasoning of it. I commend Elias on his hard work though, I've known him since before he even got 200m thieving. He has always been a good friend. I've also had the same conversations with Elias about overall rankings. I think I know the validity of talking to my friends over some kids who decide to spread rumors as usual when someone quits or something happens in the high scores. It becomes a headache when everyone starts the rumors and then you never hear the end of it. Exactly what is happening right now.
  6. Actually he didn't play for ranks. He didn't care that he lost his rank to Elias. Get your facts straight kid. How is that a fact exactly? First of all neither you nor anyone on this thread truly knows whether he cares or not. Considering the whole back and forth battle for #1, where he kept switching from slayer and buyables (correct me if I am wrong) every time Elias came close tells me that he cares on some level. Actually I talk to both Telmo and Elias on a daily basis. I know why Telmo is quitting if he fully decides too. I know what he cared for. Telmo loved the competition also. It's not just all about he cared. If Telmo wanted too he could've done Crawlers also but he didn't care for it. Telmo has the money to keep up but he didn't care. Don't tell me I don't know my own friends that I talk too on a daily basis.
  7. Actually he didn't play for ranks. He didn't care that he lost his rank to Elias. Get your facts straight kid.
  8. Little bit slower spawn duffy. Just to point out, storing up soul wars points is just like using effigies pretty much. Takes a long time to store it all up then use it all at once.
  9. The record isn't all that important for Elias. Doubt he isn't highly into like "omg I wanna steal dat record." He's just doing his own thing and letting the exp roll in. He'd probs have to do con anyways for the record since he did dump his charms abit back. Who knows maybe he'll do it outta boredom.
  10. The Faq is now out for the Auras and jack of all trades is based on the skill lvl of the skill you put it in. So pretty much a genie lamp lol.
  11. If you're going to just copy the work of another person then you should give them credit, Rach puts a lot of effort into that topic. Very ironic of you to say if 'you have time' as though copying and pasting takes more then a few seconds? I didn't even say it was my topic. It's already been posted on this topic quite a few times. And actually I'm busy with multiple things irl to where I don't always have time to sit around the computer. Everyone knows who the original person who made the virtual topic on HLF. Go troll somewhere else.
  12. As promised earlier top 50 players with lowest skill. Top 15 in bold. Any not in top 50 will be shown below with the rank they have. 1 : 36,481,956 : Zarfot (Fishing) 2 : 29,130,328 : Kingduffy (Construction) 3 : 28,643,599 : Allie (Fishing) 4 : 26,466,305 : Squall (Agility) 5 : 25,306,114 : Zephymastyx (Hunter) 6 : 24,474,407 : Rach (Agility) 7 : 24,177,335 : Da Broman1 (Prayer) 8 : 22,813,330 : Elvis (Fishing) 9 : 22,607,439 : Elias (Mining) 10 : 22,246,043 : Auss (Mining) 11 : 22,208,734 : Pope712 (Mining) 12 : 22,102,740 : Loveisnever (Agility) 13 : 22,060,217 : Season (Agility) 14 : 21,619,958 : Lac68 (Fishing) 15 : 21,597,894 : Mrs Tabs (Prayer) 16 : 21,485,086 : Svc-Shh279 (Prayer) 17 : 20,785,428 : Zero Max (Prayer) 18 : 20,704,053 : Kngkyle (Mining) 19 : 20,499,544 : GM (Prayer) 20 : 20,417,787 : Imogen (Prayer) 21 : 20,366,975 : Telmomarques (Fishing) 22 : 20,210,524 : Dardan (Prayer) 23 : 20,107,412 : iPau (Agility) 24 : 20,058,295 : Hugo (Mining) 25 : 20,051,059 : won all wars (Slayer) 26 : 20,045,335 : Toadkiller D (Cooking) 27 : 20,038,600 : Supersongoko (Slayer) 28 : 20,035,787 : Bu11seye00 (Smithing) 29 : 20,033,328 : Mintella (Agility) 30 : 19,681,733 : Piddy10 (Prayer) 31 : 19,222,523 : Folk169 (Agility) 32 : 19,057,043 : Superal39 (Agility) 33 : 19,034,012 : Clan Solo (Agility) 34 : 19,027,541 : 1 Eye Viper (Agility) 35 : 18,946,183 : Harborcove (Agility) 36 : 18,756,940 : Casserole (Hunter) 37 : 18,665,367 : Druss (Agility) 38 : 18,437,223 : xTwistedHero (Hunter) 39 : 18,421,505 : K n R always (Mining) 40 : 18,400,491 : Wild Pogo (Smithing) 41 : 18,370,730 : Doctor 46 (Agility) 42 : 18,205,905 : Ecnubsirhc (Agility) 43 : 18,113,193 : Nfsmw142 (Runecraft) 44 : 17,986,689 : Cynder76 (Agility) 45 : 17,970,509 : Jr Allie (Construction) 46 : 17,935,676 : Tims (Fishing) 47 : 17,893,591 : Dav7111 (Smithing) 48 : 17,868,318 : Alkann (Hunter) 49 : 17,862,146 : Hurt Goat (Agility) 50 : 17,853,774 : Lotte65 (Ranged) 73 : 16,532,681 : Green098 (Runecraft) 113 : 15,864,211 : Tezz (Prayer) 147 : 15,291,957 : Jdelacroix (Fishing) 156 : 15,192,931 : Drumgun (Smithing)
  13. http://puu.sh/2ORV Screenie of how virtual high scores on the HLF that someone makes. Was last updated 2 days ago. After Langers next update I'll post the top 15's lowest skills if I remember and have the time.
  14. Thats kinda contradictory saying people with low money shouldn't donate yet people with big banks should donate. I don't condone to donating because its sad really. I can understand a "loan" as long as that person pays it back ASAP.
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