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  1. Battle Catalyst Kick Flip *Schop tik (Dutch) SHOPE teek Beezlebub (a name, not sure which language, Olde English i think, meaning "Devil") Predator *Raub (German) Rah-obe (as one syllable) Desperation *Wanhoop (Dutch) pronounced like it looks Sinner *Zondaar (Dutch) zon-DAHR Bow Down *Boog neer (Dutch) pronounced like it looks The Nameless *Le Inconnu (French) Lay in-CONE-oo *Das Namenlose (German) Dahs Name-en-lose (not loo)
  2. I can write either handed, neatly, and with my toes too ^.^ I can also draw with any of the four stated units. I play sports (batting, puck handling, dribbling, etc.) left handed, and draw & write mostly right handed.But I can also draw with one hand while I write with the other, and in French and Spanish, too ^.^ :roll: Hehe, boast much?
  3. :D Happy 20th! As of May 5, you're done with your teen years. ...HAHA! :P I'd throw you a party but I'm broke... Want my Santa Hat?? Yay for GETTING OLD! :roll:
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