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  1. Lucid is a new clan designed for low level skillers. We are currently looking for members just like yourself. So why not join a skilling revoultion. Memberlist | Home Page |Forums Clan Information ~ Clan's Mission ~ ~ Multi-Clanning Information ~ ~ Clan's Communication List ~ ~ Clan's Home World ~ Clan's Mission Lucid was created to be a place of friendship, understanding and just a great place to hang out in. We strive to see that all members are treated with respect and seen as people not just a number on a memberlist. Lucid will be a place where low leveled skillers won't feel left out because of combat skill requirements. Here all members will find their place and will always have a good time. Multi-Clanning Information Lucid Multi Clanning Policy is very simple. You may be apart of a Warring / PKing Community You may not be apart of another Skilling Community Clan's Communication List Lucid has many from of communication, so you can stay in comtact with members and staff. Clan Chat: ClanLucid IRC Channel: #Lucid Clan's Home World Home world is used for official events and for just hanging out in. This way we can feel like a team and form a strong community as we skill together. The Clan's Home World is 45 Requirements Joining Requirements To become a member of Lucid you must fulfil these requirements: Have a Combat level no greater than 30. Must have 10 Million Experience in Non-Combat Skill. Cooking and Fletching only contribute to a quarter of the 10M Experience. Have a minimum Total Level of 500. We strongly recommened that you have Runescape Membership, but is not required. If you are close to the minimum requirements (at the digression of the Staff) you may apply to join. Yet after your trial period you must meet the requirement. Member requirements Once you become a member, we expect you meet the following on going requirements to maintain your membership with Lucid: Maintain Daily activity on the forums Attend a minimum of 3 Events a month Be Active in IRC when you are online. Events Below are some of the event you can expect to see on the Events forum. We also offer forum events from time to time. Aswell as Skilling contests with plently of rewards for all members to enjoy. Hide and Seek Cabbage Bombing Hang outs Gnomeball Gnome Restaurant House Party Drop Party Running Race Fishing Trip Lumber Jack Trips Cooking Hang Out Fire Fests Fishing Trawler Great Orb Project Games Room Sorceresses Garden Vinesweeper Steal Creation (Non Combat) Dungeoneering Mobilizing Armies Contact Details Leaders: - Hyena: [email protected] Senior Staff - -
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