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  1. lilyuffie88

    NHL Playoffs

    I always wanted detriot red wings to win altime go for stantly cup duno what happen to em nowdays the play really sucks. yeah true the goalie kind sucks. i like sherman i know he cant be a goalie he better stay as defensive.... :wink:
  2. best way to prevent your diabetis is control you diet and follow what the doctors say..... do dialy exercises. if you using shots your probably in high lvl stage of diabetis. hate to see ppl got poked by needle everyday aint fun at all and very painful. i try poke my finger check my sugar lvl i know i dont have diabetis just curiousity dam its really hurts my finger eh.....
  3. i live in china.... and i dont macro doesnt mean you live in china you autoers, who to blame is the company who create it. someone need to blew up there system into peices maybe help solve the problem. :wink:
  4. :lol: Swarm always pops out then drunken drwarf this two random events really annoying. :lol: I rather genie pop out lot than drunken dwarf and swarm :P
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