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  1. If ANYONE would EVER do it... I think the best bet is Suomi. He seems to be the most "into" it and obviously has the time for it. The only kicker is whether or not he has the will to continue post 3b xp... Hes going for right now, but I could see him needing to take a break in the near future to refocus on the task. I know I'll never get there :S But I sure hope he does
  2. Rapier is probably your best bet... It is what I personally use
  3. BrotherVoid1

    Night Spiders

    No hoods lev 1-84 dg, then 4 in 4 consecutive dgs :wall: So ik how you feel. Its uber random... Since my dry streak, i've seen 4-5 more for a total of either 8 or 9... Still... You'll get one eventually :-)
  4. 471xp till 99 rc. Anyone who reads this is invited to the party at 8pm mst this friday :-D

  5. Rob... Why not just ask me... ;-) Deaths are good, just need to use rune axe now (more obstacles+eyes as opposed to mining/wc). Its all good though, stuff is higher in price. Higher price=better profit for you!
  6. Rob... You suck. You pulled me off Zybez forums, where I'm known, to go here. New place to troll, yayz!

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