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  1. Absolutely! No age limits. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- At Double Vision we are currently celebrating TEN YEARS since we were founded with an entire month of contests, events, and more! We currently have Clan Wars, Stealing Creation, and Castle Wars events that guarantee to be a blast, plus a DV Theme Song contest and EXP Grinder! This is all in addition to our usual three weekly events. To cap off the whole month, we are planning a special in-game reunion! All past member, current members, and clan friends are invited, so come and join us for what guarantees to be one of the biggest events in Double Vision history. It's a great time to join Double Vision and enjoy all this clan has to offer!
  2. Hi Zintho9! It sounds like Double Vision is just what you are looking for. We offer events, active forums and clan chat. We have many higher levelled players that started with DV when they were in the 40s or 50s in combat. Check us out at dvclan.org or our clan chat, dvchat!
  3. Double Vision would love for you to be a part of our clan! Founded in 2001, DV has weekly events and a popular cc filled with experienced players. So check out our forums at dvclan.org or our clan chat at dvchat. Thanks!
  4. Introduction Double Vision was first formed back in 2001, the exact date and month lost, but it is thought to be around start of summer. DV has always been based in its own website and forums. It ended up surviving the make-or-break period of most clans, and quickly gained a strong and flourishing member base. Website problems however, caused the clan to enter it's darker days, from which many clans snowball into closure. However, DV recovered, reclaiming it's steady inflow of members. Further conflicts arising from leadership cast further doubt of DV's survival - however, the clan pulled together, and verified our reliability and stability as a long standing Runescape clan. DV has been continuously growing and perfecting itself while trying to grow our loyal member base. We are focused on our forums and community, with members from years ago often reappearing. We still however host a multitude events to suit our activity. So, if you are looking for a casual community of experienced RS Players, look no further because Double Vision is the clan for you! Events Being a clan with no requirements, DV prides itself on the variety of events up on offer for all players - F2P or P2P! From Dungeoneering Runs, Minigames, Trivias, and Exp Contests to hunting the deadliest of beasts and riding forth into Clan War victory. DV has it all. We also have an open event policy, so while some events may be official we have no problems with you, the common member, creating your own. Requirements and Membership Double Vision is a community based clan with NO REQUIREMENTS! Joining us is simple. Simply enter our forums at http://www.dvclan.org/forums, sign up an account, and make your application in this forum, and soon enough you will be accepted! New members gain access to all but the most private of our clan forums, and are open to experience all that DV has to offer! Thank you for considering Double Vision - We hope that you decide to join our great and bustling community.
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