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  1. I remember when shanty passes were being sold for 5k+ each at varrock.
  2. The wilderness should be number one. 8-)
  3. We already know the max hit of all the range attacks, just increase them by 15% and you have it. It's as simple as that.
  4. Good pures have 99 attack and str, and 1 defense, that's why you call them pures. They'r just out to destroy people. And they don't train prayer, because they are pure melees. I suggest getting 70 attack 99 str and 40 defense. Along with 35 prayer (is it?) for the 15% offensive bonus.
  5. Yeh, saw it the day it came out, too bad we coudln't get on board :\
  6. 1 more day and it's 2 years. :shock: W0o0o0t \
  7. Who is telling the truth? Fighintinkill with all text and 2 pictures? Or me, with 100's of pictures, and 2 videos which show us clearing chaos and then gds? 8) Thanks for your time.
  8. Video Links: http://rapidshare.de/files/18481772/DSv ... 6.wmv.html http://www.megaupload.com/nl/?d=022UUPAK Video made by panzer pure
  9. Oh and bible, to your picture of DS running: I've got millions more. Don't forget to check the pics of DI single hugging on the other topic while most of DS is north of chaos, in multi.
  10. Good job taking a picture from the end of the fight. Look, the fights over, DI were demolished. And you log into your scout to take a picture of somone who is not even in DS yet. First off, where does it even say we teamed with them to fight you? No where :roll: Second, end of the fight, most of us 0 food. Like me, I survived the WHOLE fight. :roll: We don't want to fight a clan with low food. And finally, I want to thank DI, because I was cracking up at how quickly they made topics about supposedly "winning" this pk run in. The fact that they coudln't bare the fact that they lost to DS 3 times in a row must be bitter, but do remember, it's just a game :wink: And btw, making a topic saying you won, won't change reality. YOU LOST. FACE IT. 8) 8) 8)
  11. Bibleboy lives in another dimension. Either that, or he cant diffrentiate realitiy from Watch yourself and the language you use or imply here....no matter what your personal feelings are it is this sort of language that gets topics closed/deleted and kills the activity of this forum--Mullein I don't see a single red cape on the ground... OH! OH OH! Did you take that picture while we were killing NI and some other people north of chaos? YES YOU DID :roll:
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