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  1. When Wildernest and FT was removed, money was about 10x more valued than it is now. You can see it from price of rares, every rare is pretty exactly 10x more. Also the price of gold in black markets is nowadays about 10x less than it used to be in 2007. So when person had 2b in 2005, and phats were 20M each, I can certainly and fairly say it is pretty much same as you could afford 100 phats now in 2011. Meaning at least 100B bank value considering the inflation of money. Maybe someone had the max coins back in 2005, but not many people I believe.
  2. When he was fletching/wcing he said on this forum that he was more at sw then he was wcing, but now since he has gone fishing (and dunging lately) i think he does quite alot fishing. He does rocktails which are about 45k xp/hour afk. He has been consitantly gaining 700k a day. That means he does fishing for about (700k/45k) 15.5 hours a day. He recently told us he does 17 hours a day. That leaves 1,5 hours spare time. I don't think he does many others things then fishing tbh. But when he was wcing he might have made nice cash and got some sw points, hope so. But his xp gains are definetly not low for what he is doing (fishing rocktails). But yea i hope drumgun pulls a drumgun on us. Tbh, he has been gaining like 580k fishing in a day. Or what I have trackked him, so it would leave more spare time for SW or whatever :rolleyes: (00:08:57) <RuneScript> *** [ TRACKER ]: Exp gains for Drumgun in last 1wk: Overall +6,931,847 | Pray(104) +24,167 | WC(123) +6,855 | Fletch(123) +1,265,344 | Fish(109->110) +4,095,245 | FM(110) +5,151 | Craft(101) +3,523 | Smith(100) +7,494 | Mine(100) +11,814 | Herb(104) +4,516 | Agil(100) +3,900 | Thieve(115) +17,482 | Farm(101) +64,138 (00:08:57) <RuneScript> *** [ TRACKER ]: RC(103) +122,265 | Con(100) +3,393 | Dungeon(102) +1,296,560 But yeh, dont ignore 1.3M dg xp. Edit: Did any1 noticed yet that Telmo reached 2.5B overall xp?
  3. Suomi has reached 50M slay xp :) 1/4 Done!
  4. I can't write formula, but what I have noticed is that level difference for 7 lvls is double xp compared to lower level. For example 92 and 99, 113 and 120 and so on. Som1 can write formula from that ?
  5. Where is langer's update :((
  6. Suomi just did 7.9M slay xp in week. Meaning about 5.5M real slay xp in week, according to Tezz's effigy gains and 5500k range xp what he got from cannoning. New record?
  7. Has any1 actually stated teaks would be 100k/H? If I remember right zarfot said It would be ''almost'' 100k/H'' in some of his vids. Also SUOMI averaged about 93k/H when doing teaks.
  8. (14:36:16) <RuneScript> *** [ TRACKER ]: Exp gains for S U O M I in last 1wk: Overall +34,524,183 | Str(116->118) +11,095,356 | Cns(109->110) +3,822,677 | Range(104->107) +5,369,050 | Pray(100) +711,167 | WC(117) +620,000 | FM(112) +515,000 | Craft(108) +485,323 | Herb(111) +731,669 | Slay(106->108) +7,647,889 | Farm(105->106) +2,153,404 (14:36:22) <RuneScript> *** [ TRACKER ]: RC(103->104) +660,000 | Con(100) +705,000 | Summon(100) +7,648 So if Tezz got one effigy per 110-115k slay xp, We'r talking about 5400k real slayer xp. Pretty impressive gain in a week :P
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