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  1. Hmm, why is Estonia not in the list. We have 8 maxed players and 25 who have an access to maxed forums =D Here's the list http://top.dice.ee/
  2. Just compare overall xp/h not just 99s, etc. [XP : time played in hours=oa xp/h]
  3. [sarcasm]Woah, really?[/sarcasm]
  4. "The game of life is hard to play, I'm gonna lose it anyway" - M.A.S.H theme
  5. Aww. Good luck IRL, Paperbag. You've done a great job in this game. ;)
  6. I personally wouldn't say that Firemaking and Prayer are easy to get 200m. FM doing grand exchange method needs much attention and powering prayer is still possible, but abit slower xp/h. So he will be more busy to reply to PM-s and accept donations. Thanks to Langer for another awesome update and also thanks to Suomi. It's always nice to read your posts to know more about you. :)
  7. Start tracking my mate Trooja Horse. He has always awesome xp gains:D He have alot 200m goals and so far he have achived his goals very fast. Nonstoped 99-200m thiev etc.
  8. Powerslaying - nope Runecrafting - effigies - nope Hunting - draconic jadinkos - nope Merching is a risk of cash and he doesn't like to risk. As mentioned before, he is a perfectionist :P
  9. In the following video the method he's hunting would never get him over 200k xp/h. It would give extra 50k xp/h if you move below the trap and pick the trap while laying, as I said before.. I got 160k xp/h focused at lvl 91 hunter. Anyways, he may have ran out of juju farm pots so he needed to make new ones getting 3x lower xp/h(catching diseased jadinkos), but that's kind of unrealistic during a skillwar :P
  10. Maybe he took a shower, had meals, used the toilet in that time ? Nobody could get 250k/h doing it 48h straight since it's pretty much clicking there.(walking under the trap + picking up + laying) All I know is he didn't sleep in this war, and were all the time online.
  11. Yes, he did. Ask himself... he didn't sleep at all and it may get u tired = less xp/h http://runetrack.com/competitions/competition_tracker.php?id=4925 I hope i'm allowed to post this link here: http://www.skillers-inc.com/kaur/pts2.html
  12. We had a skillwar against Portugal Skillers, including Telmo. He got 7.6M hunter xp with 48 hours straight. :) Yes, he's going for 200m hunter right now.
  13. I love this thread, read since it had ~230 pages. Please help Suomi out and donate him, he's my inspiration and favourite skiller :D Keep the posts coming, it's very interesting to read:) Good Luck to everyone, who have set their goal as 200m xp in all skills!
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