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  1. Leosleep and coldfeet were the main ones. Some were simple ocr's and others used a token system It is rather amusing how much hypocrisy goes on in this forum
  2. Xie

    China > America

    Why would you want to kill innocent people?
  3. 2 ≠ 12. 2 hrs ≠ 30 min. Colour detection on it's own failed. Like I said some bots already use colour detection alongside reflection and that's a completely different story. It's always the "friend"
  4. That could easily be worked around by adding limited colour detection to current bcel or reflection bots
  5. They already change id's I only have a general idea of this ID-based system. Can anyone explain in more detail how it works, how the bots use it, and what Jagex changes? Basically they obfuscate the client after some updates
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