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  1. Effigies were definitely overpowered but they took way too long to fix it, most records were already ruined and many people had already taken advantage of it, should have just let it be...
  2. Effigy drop rate = 11018254*(Combat level)^(-1.9469123)
  3. No, it affects your ping, or lag, if you will. http://gyazo.com/d2e93a3642e2b66b25e29e4253b8e819 http://gyazo.com/41af510baee766cab4a2d34704a5e2a8 That's my computers specs, I don't see why i'm constantly around 5 fps, I have horrible internet but if that doesn't affect it then I don't know why
  4. Does internet connection affect fps too?
  5. When most people say they're afking, they're just not pay attention, like watching youtube or a movie etc. They aren't actually away from the keyboard
  6. She does it right sometimes (excluding dfs)
  7. "You're" grammar is even better. And I thought I needed a life...
  8. Anyone else looking forward to seeing suomi's rc gains?
  9. Ass sitting btw, I'm sure he knew what he meant, he was pointing out his fail typo
  10. derp? You can't expect much from rs wiki
  11. From rs wikia: "Upon testing, getting low experience in all ten skills, a skill level of 71 agility received 4,999 experience. It is unknown if the amount of experience gained in each skill affects the reward. The aura gives the same experience as turning in a pair of strange rocks. "
  12. I haven't herd much about this Desupty guy other then he was the fastest person to ever max out, I really believe he is truly destined for greatness in rs. I know for a fact he will be #1 to 5B exp and this is why: He has shown capability to nolife for long periods of time He has more support then anyone else that is currently taking place in the race to 200M all Has an extremely successful clan chat, unlike any other of the contenders. All these facts add up to one conclusion: Desupty as rank 1 overall for infinity and beyond. I hope suomi realizes this sooner rather then later, and quits before desupty makes a fool of him, just like any other person who has competed against him. DESUPTY FOR RANK 1 OVERALL He will not quit. He will not slack. Expect him. What's having a successful clan got to do with getting 1st to 5b? If anything it's just a distraction
  13. unbuyableking of the noobs =D I vote that Suomi change his name to "Unbuyableking" to confuse noobs that look at the highscores No. He'd have no way to change his name back. The game saves the last name you were so people can't steal it while you try out another name. You can't put double gaps in your name anymore
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