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  1. I proved i bought my membership aswell.
  2. It was already reviewed and unsuccessful.
  3. So i tried my recovery again and i put the phone number i paid with and the short code but still no success.
  4. I killed green dragons slayer and boss hunted,
  5. The account is mine but i've always sucked at money making. I was that lvl doing green drags while i was getting dung up.
  6. I usually did green drags or boss hunted is how i started making money. My pure is only 60 att and 70 str. My lvl 103 is . Also i filled out the recovery of a stolen account multiple times including as much info as i can.
  7. That account is the one that got hacked
  8. My account got hacked and i can't get it back. So should i play on my strength pure or my lvl 103. Also what quests should i do and what is a starting point for making money.
  9. ok. So whatlevel should i use peng points and tears to? Also a goal is chaotic rapier
  10. Every time I'm about to run up to a drag its dead/
  11. Back to money making where would i do green drags? Ct has about 15 bots every time i go
  12. So peng and tears until at least 50 dung and 70 rc?
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