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  1. I proved i bought my membership aswell.
  2. It was already reviewed and unsuccessful.
  3. So i tried my recovery again and i put the phone number i paid with and the short code but still no success.
  4. I killed green dragons slayer and boss hunted,
  5. The account is mine but i've always sucked at money making. I was that lvl doing green drags while i was getting dung up.
  6. I usually did green drags or boss hunted is how i started making money. My pure is only 60 att and 70 str. My lvl 103 is . Also i filled out the recovery of a stolen account multiple times including as much info as i can.
  7. That account is the one that got hacked
  8. My account got hacked and i can't get it back. So should i play on my strength pure or my lvl 103. Also what quests should i do and what is a starting point for making money.
  9. ok. So whatlevel should i use peng points and tears to? Also a goal is chaotic rapier
  10. Every time I'm about to run up to a drag its dead/
  11. Back to money making where would i do green drags? Ct has about 15 bots every time i go
  12. So peng and tears until at least 50 dung and 70 rc?
  13. Green drags are a good option. I'd suggest you get your dung level to 50-60ish through tears of guthix and peng points, then start actually dunging. Even thought i'm trying to get chaotic?
  14. What about making money until frosts? Green drags steel? or anything else? I can buckle down and get levels sometimes but solo's are dragging on.
  15. What about making money until frosts? Green drags steel? or anything else?
  16. Ok for making money I am learning to flip, but I'm not making much yet because i have a small cash pile. So i was wondering what else can i do for money? I've been doing a lot of corp events but no luck yet and i usually do green drags. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated thank you.
  17. What would be a good herblore level to get to? Also what would be a good method that is cost efficient?
  18. After you drink a dose of saradomin brew do you use a super restore dose?
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