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  1. I am so glad with this one, thanks everyone who helped!:D
  2. After some weeks of slayer and nothing special achieved I decided to get some slayer boosting skills. So after 4 days of training with frostdragon bones: Even had some records!:D Number 1 whoho!! Number 2 whoho!!:DD Thanks everyone:)
  3. And another two goals achieved!! I can finally do Torstol runs! For the juju farming potions: And after 300 common jadinko cathes finally an ugune seed! Now I need to think up some new goals!:)
  4. I didnt know getting to juju-farming is so hard! I don't like hunter at all! :o Made 322k of hunter exp today... 358k hunter exp to go!!
  5. Levels: -slayer 69 -constitution 84 -strenght 84 -farm 82 -rc 54 I started slaying today and got a clue scroll from hh. I am thinking to keep a slayer log in the starting post, check it out!:D
  6. As Kaida requested, finally more pictures! I didnt work on my blog the last couple of days, but instead I have been playing some more for better goals then just the regular skill levels. So here they are! I made my dungeoneering [email protected]@ So I ran off to the reward dealer for my chaotic rapier!<3 Then I started doing magic + palm tree runs! First lvl 77: Next lvl 78: Next lvl 79: And another one, lvl 80! And last but not least lvl 81: I hope to finally get lvl 85 farming next week! But before I can start Torstol +juju-farm runs I need to get my hunter up to lvl 74. Made this yesterday: Ready to complete my next Goal! Will it be Slaying for lvls?? Thanks for following!
  7. Jagex fixed the prices again, gratz with all the profits made!:D
  8. I was going to post a lot of pictures of the last couple of days progress. But unfortunately my video-card is having mayor issues... I have it fixed, tomorow I will start posting progress pictures again.:D
  9. Small review on what I have been up to last couple of days: And made lvl 77 and 78 farming.
  10. Starting to make faster farming lvls then dungeoneering lvls:O
  11. Enschede! :) You doing Mechanical Engineering? Awesome uni in Delft tbh.;) Necrolord! Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!!:o
  12. Thank you samaster. You have a impressive blog to.;) Here comes tha magic trees!<3
  13. If you have been away for a year, there are a couple of things you might want to consider to find some more information(google, youtube) about: -Dungeoneering Gives access to the new best slayer weapon, the chaotic rapier. You need 2mil dungeoneering exp(read 200k tokens) to be able to obtain this weapon. Gives access to a new sort of dragon, the Frost dragon. This dragon drops frost dragon bones, which sell for a nice price. Downside is you need 85 dungeoneering. -Farming A small effort but good profit method is torstol herb farming, but you need 85 farming. -Free trade Since february this year, the grandexchange is changed. There are no longer buy/selling limits. Try and search for "flipping","investing" and "Merchanting"... -Boss hunting There is the Gwd i assume you know what it is. But there is a new boss called Nex you could try your hands on. But it is not soloable.(unless you are a pro and using glitches?) -Staking But this is more like a casino. I hope this helped you out! Goodluck on making money.:)
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