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  1. Happy birthday :D

  2. very nice stats. i prefer a tank range, you can never have too much defence! make some pk vids for sure, there are allways haters and trolls but dont worry about them just make your vids and enjoy your pking thats all you can do. all the best with your gaming.
  3. inb4modslockthis Sorry to say that this is not the correct forum for this bro. This is for blogs, not site corrections. sorry i havent used this forum before. thanks
  4. hello tip.it team i use your guides when ever i have to kill any monster or do anything in runescape and found a drop you dont have listed in your monster guide for lesser demons. i just had a slayer task to kill lesser demons and looked at your guide and found i recieved a drop unlisted in your site by the above listed monster. i recieved a noted drop of '126 big bones' while killing lesser demons. i did have a ring of wealth on and only killed 40 of them before i had my first drop of this kind and noticed it was not listed on your drop list for this monster. if you could list me in the 'thanks' section for this find it would be greatly appreciated and list it in the list of drops it would help others to know that they could obtain this drop while killing the above listed beast. glad i could assist you in anyway. all the best 0010110100 happy scaping
  5. hi tip.it in the past week i have come back to rs after a 3-4 year absence. wow alot is different but your site will help me with any changes im sure. i have always used this site as a reference to my rs gameplaying and im glad you guys are still up and running. now time to get some lvls up and get back in the wildy!
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