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  1. get 70 def or sell all the stuff you cant wear and buy a h'ween or santa. I've made about 40m off my green mask in a few weeks. 99 agility if your hardcore.
  2. Haven't been to see it, but if you like dubstep and hot chicks, look up wobbleland 2011 on youtube.
  3. Nice bank. The herblore tab is nicely organized, I suggest dumping all the items you don't use and fixing your tabs up a little. I always have the first open tab with junk so if you pick something up you know your not going to keep you can just insert it in with the rest of your junk and it wont disorganize any of your other tabs. I tend to use this order on the bulk of my accounts. Tab 1] Teletab- Runes, teleports, staffs, rings and glorys. Tab 2] Skilling- (most likely the largest tab) Herbs,pots,spades,axes anything else that relates to skilling, also keep food in here raw and cooked. Tab 3] Armour/Range/Magic- All your combat equipment for all classes. Tab 4] Coin Pile- Rares, skill capes, clothing and holiday items, misc stuff you may wear. This leaves 4 open tabs and makes each tab look filled but still leaving a lot of space in your bank.
  4. Seems like he just got lucky, this can happen on some rare occasions I rarely box, but I have a dds staker and I'm level 62 with 69 strength 83 hp, and I have won a santa and 70m stake against 85 strength and 99 hp, its all just luck really, I bet if you staked him again you would of won. If your staking someone with the same or similar stats it varies in wins, If you win 3 in a row its more then likely your opponent will win the next duel. Personally in boxing I find switching from attack to defense after every hit. Watch some videos on youtube of boxing and you should get some tips :P
  5. 10/10 for 7 weeks in, I've played for 8 years+ and never even attempted to get barrows gloves, I hate skilling and quests. I'd suggest turmoil and chaotic maul, there are so many zerk builds these days and the 30-45 def with chaotics and turmoil seem to dominate.
  6. I disagree with the switch of torag legs, torag legs practically the same def as dfs and unholy book gives 8+ range, no other shield gives this much. If I get at least 80 def I dont think Ill get hit to much, and I need them to at least hit me so veng is efficient. Rigour would be best but im just to lazy.
  7. Ok, so after juggling a lot of different accounts and wasting time and my rsgp on different builds I have decided to return to my hybrid. I have an idea of what I want but just need a little advice from a 3rd party to help me out. Name- Amahdyl Currently- CB 93- 58 quest points- desert treasure, animal magnetism, other basic quests. 72 attack 76 strength 70 defense 52 prayer 94 magic 94 ranged 89 constitution 1 summon I am currently training mining from 52-60 then doing shillo village so I can start Lunar diplomacy. I will have roughly 100m to spend on training the account, I'm either going to chin at soulwars working towards 99 range and possibly put the zeal on range or defense. Rigor would be nice but I'm 1 dungeoneering and really don't enjoy this skill. My pk setup Torag helm Glory/Rangers amulet Black D'hide body Torag Legs/dragon skirt ranger boots/snakeskin boots Holy book/Rune Kite Ava's Accumulator Dragon Bolts (e) Morrigan Jav/Axe Bit of advice what to change? what stats to aim for? Is it worth it?
  8. If you looking at becoming a staker, you want to be around 45-65 combat max, the best type at this level is range boxing, either with knifes and morrigans axes/javelins if you can afford. You can stay a relatively low range level say, 45-70 and soulwars your hp levels to 80+ for best results. at 65+ ddsing staking is probably the best, with 1 defense 60 attack 75+ strength and 80+ hp. Hp is probably the most vital stat in staking and is what will win you the majority of duels. But if you want to pk and stake also you can train your account just as a normal range pure but be sure to keep 1 prayer.
  9. Just need a little estimate on 60-80 dungeoneering, I'm one defense and fairly low melee stats- 66 attack 54 strength, I will mostly be doing all of it solo, as takes to long for me to get a decent team.
  10. very nice, I'd recommend more hp and rapier over cls.
  11. Thanks for the advice, I'm still not sure on keeping 1 defense and I really like the maul, I'm looking at staying as low as possible with a chaotic so I'm only aiming on 70-80 strength for now, I dont want to get 40 defense because of the quests such as barrow gloves and vengeance I already have done these on numerous other accounts and I really cant be bothered doing them again. I only really wanted 20 def-30 defense because it opens more options of equipment I can use, And I have had many 1 def pures and kind of tired of it. Just experimenting with this account for now, If it works I'll be happy if its dose not I always have other accounts to fall back on.
  12. Hey, I have been training dungeoneering for some time now and I am currently at level 60, Pushing slowly to 80 for chaotic maul or rapier, Just need some advice on how to train my account. Current stats/Goals 65/80 attack 54/70+ strength 1/20/30 defense 33/52 prayer 10/70 range 73/99 mage Please don't recommend getting turmoils because I cant afford it as of now, looking at 20 def or 30 def build with chaotic maul, with around 70 strength I will still be able to hit 430's max. My combat level will be around 81-87 and I'll be fighting alot of zerks and tanks, so remaining 1 defense is pretty stupid.
  13. Hey I'm currently level 38 with 70 magic, I'm looking at alching all the way to 99 and hopefully being around level 54 combat. I have been mixing it up with my alchs and not really making profit, I have about 25m to spend and Id like to know what I should be alching for profit or a very small loss, I have been doing rune arrows with a loss of about 30gp. How much would 70-99 cost? how much profit could I possibly make if any. And what items can I buy in bulk that will give me profit.
  14. Thanks for your input and yet I am a "DIYer", I done a rough guesstimate and I'm not making profit, which I'm not to fussed about, I find the exp is fairly fast, I got from 1-60 mage within a day and trained 1-45 smithing at the same time. Im only looking at 50 smithing then I might consider a more profitable way to mage to 82+, And yes I should of sold my bars, didn't realize they were 780 each rofl.
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