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  1. Not impressive after SoF update... Just joking, well done.
  2. A Log Burner was the 2nd maxed out level 3, he has 1723 total because his HP is 12. I know, I was talking about 1721 total skillers. Loggy maxed a while ago, I don't think he still plays :/ Redtunnel maxed as a combat 3 a few days ago, not 120 dung though. :P He has 200m WC and his current goal is probably 200m cook to keep up with the studies and then 120 dg and 200m RC with nature and law tiaras. I think he has 800k-1m GOP tokens already. Yeah, he won't be doing 200m Rc with tiara's by the way. :P At the moment there are 3 maxed level 3 skillers include 120 Dg/99 Slayer (Magnus (aka Pure Kq Pax), A Log Burner and Jjussi). Jjussi will be Cooking/Firemaking/Woodcutting the next time. Redtunnel is maxed except 120 Dungeoneering (102), and Beta Sun is maxed except Slayer (83). If someone wants the level 3 skillerlist: Level 3 highscore. Change 'Display' to 'overall'. They're last updated like 1 week ago or something. :) I remember Beta Sun! Haha didn't know she still played. I also remember Redtunnel from when he got 200M WC, he's come a long way since then. A few names to note (that aren't on the list) are Yannick, a level 4 who was among the first level 3's to get 99 slayer. He's 120 dung, 200M cook, and like 160M WC and fletch., and Minz. I dunno if he still is a skiller, but he was exactly 1 exp away from 99 in all except dung, slayer, and mining. He may be f2p now. Minz is still actively playing but he got combat and is going for comp cape I think.
  3. Could anyone show me one good chinning guide and how much would 92-99 cost?
  4. Impressive weekend for S u o m i Congratulations!
  5. Well I did my tasks and france or brazil words in Lighthouse, and I had no problem there. But it was few months ago so I don't know how are things atm.
  6. Haha no thanks, thanks for the support though =P It's not all about me and that's good, would get boring and RuneScape is full of interesting people :) Nice to see posts from so many different people and lots of different opinions. I know you were joking though. I wrote really long "rant" about Jagex and was about to post it but then realised it wouldn't help anything. Well your opinion would actually be an interesting read.
  7. Well full construction outfit saves you 8 hours when going for 200M xp. How long does it take to get full outfit, longer than 8 hours? Seems like another pointless item.
  8. Also when I am not failing in gnome but failing in barb?
  9. At 88 agility gnome or barb with pies?
  10. Well ROTM has been on the horizon for months.
  11. The current max xp rate of Runecrafting is 63k. So, if they boost it by 5% like they did on Woodcutting and Mining, it will be 66k xp/hr. The max xp rate of Agility is 72k. Technically if you assume a 5 hour horn(Which if you have a good team and don't have to replace anyone(VERY RARE) you can do 3.5-4 hour horn), but if you assume 5 hours then agil comes out to 83,720 xp\hr, wouldn't it? (Tell me if I got any of these small calcs wrong) 04:49 @Coconut_Bodywash: `1m/144k <-- Horn lasts for 1m xp of double xp, so 72k*2=144k xp\hr. 04:49 [bK]RuneScript *** [ CALC ]: 1m/144k = 6.944444 04:49 @Coconut_Bodywash: `6.9444444+5 <-- Takes 5 hours to fill horn, 6.9~ to use it up. 04:49 [bK]RuneScript *** [ CALC ]: 6.9444444+5 = 11.944444 04:50 @Coconut_Bodywash: `1m/11.9444444 <-- 1m Total Xp in 11.9~ hours. 04:50 [bK]RuneScript *** [ CALC ]: 1m/11.9444444 = 83,720.930544 (83.72k) Well sorry but your calculations are wrong because horn lasts more than 1M xp. At level 85+ agility I got out of my horn 1.25M xp and I think it's higher at 99.
  12. RS crashed again, it's getting usual after updates.
  13. My first real 99 And my bank, only part which is worth of posting.
  14. I started seriously going for 99 slayer in the start of June, when I lost my cashpile. I was at 91 slayer at that point. Now almost 2 months later I have finally achieved level 99 in the best skill ever. And my bank, only part which is worth of posting.
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