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  1. Badclap, now known as E v a is nearly 900m total exp at combat 99 aswell, but she got nearly all her total exp at combat 69/71. :)
  2. Runespan 86k exp/hour. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zR4bTuXy4X0&feature=g-u-u
  3. :) That still puts it at 50k xp/hr tops or so, right? Not sure, wasn't it 50% or am I wrong? :P
  4. Thanks everyone. :) I got it by lamps/books from random events, Jack of Trades (daily ~6-7k Slayer exp), Penguin Hide & Seek and Troll Invasion. Also I've got lucky with the SoF last 3 days, were getting medium lamps and small lamps every time. :)
  5. I like your updates, thanks. :)
  6. Jdelacroix training Summoning now already, + using Kyatt instead of Taverly.
  7. Just cook something then check the time remaining. If it doesn't register then do it normally. It works, when you Cook something if you are 200m Cooking, it will add the exp at the xp-counter aswell.
  8. Penguins/Jack of Trades (7-9,8k Slayer exp/day)/Lamps/Troll Invasion, but mainly Soul Wars yes. Yeah, he's going for 200m Firemaking now.
  9. Redtunnel maxed as a combat 3 a few days ago, not 120 dung though. :P He has 200m WC and his current goal is probably 200m cook to keep up with the studies and then 120 dg and 200m RC with nature and law tiaras. I think he has 800k-1m GOP tokens already. Yeah, he won't be doing 200m Rc with tiara's by the way. :P At the moment there are 3 maxed level 3 skillers include 120 Dg/99 Slayer (Magnus (aka Pure Kq Pax), A Log Burner and Jjussi). Jjussi will be Cooking/Firemaking/Woodcutting the next time. Redtunnel is maxed except 120 Dungeoneering (102), and Beta Sun is maxed except Slayer (83). If someone wants the level 3 skillerlist: Level 3 highscore. Change 'Display' to 'overall'. They're last updated like 1 week ago or something. :)
  10. Nice text on his avatar aswell, I guess he hates Moroccan youth. :P
  11. Will get me 91 Runecrafting. :)
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