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  1. @KingKyle Hey gud lookin' :)
  2. I haven't been playing rs in the past month or so because of uni and work. But last time I checked Seance was rank ~30, now he's rank 20. Congratulations to him. :)
  3. Old slayer records from January 2009. Age of the Zarfot :c http://puu.sh/fUhC
  4. I know Jacmob works for Jagex, but I didn't think they'd give him an in-game account. The hell does he do there? o.o said he was checking a str ammy glitch but really he was just sucking up to jake i think he was in suomis vid too sucking up. no 1 cares about str ammy Agreed. I believe now that he has the status of that gold crown he feels like he gets a little e -famous from it. I'm quite surprised Jagex hired a guy that use to own a bot site, but if he gets the job done I suppose it doesn't really matter.
  5. I was wondering if anyone may have saved Zarfot's skilling videos? I liked to look back on them but I can't seem to find full videos on Youtube, since he closed his youtube a couple of months ago. Great to see tg and elias back.
  6. ur doen room 6 rong. If you want to only lose one tick opening the chest, after the first door click 1 square southwest of the chest and then search the chest. If you do it right you only lose one tick opening it. It's much better than waiting after door 2 and leaving room 6 1/2 of the time before even getting the chest. When I was pping I gave up even waiting to search room 6 chest only when it was in my direct path. I figured losing 300 xp 1/4 of the time wasn't worth the tick saved. It's a trivial difference that can only be solved if you know the exact rate of failing the room 6 chest and room 8 urns. I still think searching chest in room 2 is for [bleep]s. But it depends on how often you don't have time for every urn, which I'd imagine to be quite often with the 3 new urns (I haven't plundered since this update). Lol. Ok, thanks again. I don't know why that in room 6 didn't crossed my mind. About "room 2 is for [bleep]s", when I duo I almost always need to go to exit door (doing the chests and all urns in the two last urns), so yea i still think chest in room 2 is for cool guys. It's 4 new urns btw, not like it matters but owell just saying. Thanks Just going to delete "secound version" of room 6. Cba to record again but i'll add that to description At 3:10 you spell remember wrong. :>
  7. a13d hunting 4 200m all skills GL http://puu.sh/bEd6
  8. Seance is back, with scabies, poor guy
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