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  1. Some of you may be confused by what I mean when I say 'social' I know this topic may of been done before on multiple occasions on various sites but I'm fairly new to this forum so my apologies in advance. My apologies in advance if the nature of this content is in anyway offensive or breaching any of the forum rules as I have tried to use vocabulary which makes the content less explicit. 'Social' side of Runescape, I'm talking about the adverse sexual display names, sexual innuendos, the deliberate flirting and explicit nature. I'm not talking about the occasional 'Do u wunt 2 be my gf' type. I'm talking the real deal. I've seen conversations, display names, which really I can't elaborate on as naming specific people I've seen would be unfair, I'm going to give some certain examples of which is fictional and if the person does exist is purely coincidental. ''JadeLovesJack'' ''StephsASlag'' ''JacksSoFit'' ''MegsPreggers'' These names aren't real people as I have edited them for user privacy but these are as of such as I'm seeing, every..single..day. Not just rare occasions, it's forever increasing. The sexual nature of the conversations that happen in public places, such as lumbridge, varrock square, Grand exchange. Is this really acceptable? I don't know about you but my ethics tell me that a game is a game and social events and personal desires belong in the real world. I don't remember seeing this back in the early days of Runecape, not to this extent.. I understand with sexualization in the media, TV, books, school.. as this game increases more of this will overlap into the game, has anyone noticed this? Is it acceptable? Is Runescape becoming more of a social networking site then a game? I'm even considering keeping my public chat to 'Friends' permantely as I'm in awe of what I see every single day. It's not offensive in any way but... Alarming, even sad. I guess there is no harm in sexually frustrated teenagers sharing there feelings? It goes beyond this, I've stood in places deliberately to see what goes on. I've even heard of some meeting up for the soul desire of fornicating. Maybe it's just me, I just don't see this as acceptlable, IT'S A GAME. Discuss?
  2. I think it's besides the point about if you're paying the monthly membership fee or not, I highly doubt that any of the top F2P players couldn't actually afford the fee. It's the fact that having high experience and levels in a pure F2P world is much more of a challenge, the F2P world isn't easy, experience or funding the buy-able skills. I've played since 03 and had both my share P2P and F2P but for all purposes mentioned, any F2Per that can reach 200m in any skill has achieved something far more prestigious then 99.99% of what anyone has achieved in P2P. With the exception of a few ofc, not taking anything away from what people have achieved in a P2P environment.
  3. No way! I completely agree, after time of reading through multiple pages I decided to register so I could actually post. The xp gains and availability in p2p are phenomenal compared to F2P. 200m in any stat in F2P is worth 5 in p2p in my personal opinion. We will see all stats at 200m in the near future, a few years maybe but it'll happen. Unlike gospel truth, 200m in every F2P stat for a pure F2Per will never be achieved, ever. Ever, ever, ever. Maybe in 15 years but let's be real.. we'll all be married with kids or dead by then, anyway.. Let's just look at the facts. Strength in F2P 200m xp has been achieved, as has cooking, crafting, smithing, mining, range, .. I may be missing one, however these are all by seperate players, there is only 1 player with 2x 200m xp. It just won't be done.. runcrafting, even with runners.. the xp you can obtain is so inferior. 99 pray alone is 800k+ big bones from 1.. It's just never going to happen. Let's take an example, Pietha has 200m range experience pure F2P. Sources say Pietha used Ice giants. Tracking Piethas highest gains for Range wasn't possible so I found an alternative, S Diamant Y, recorded training in the exact same spot. Maximum gains, ever..for range, 568k, few more in the 500k+ region. ..500k .. With adamant arrows at this place you're looking at maybe 32k experience/h. This is roughly an 18 hour no life day of ranging for this sort of xp.(or 23k/h if 24/h day) YOU CAN GET THIS IN 1 HOUR IN P2P. ^ That right there is the reason why a pure F2Per will never achieve 200m in all F2P skills, p2p..yes.. easily, in comparison. You look at the experience gains for skills from some of the best skillers in the game, you can see why 200m in all stats will be reached, but f2p.. The horizon is very foggy and bleak. Doesn't seem possible, even looking at El popo1, having 2 stats at 200m xp(range and cooking), or Syzygy.. a F2P great. There are no signs that this task could ever be achieved, no logic, no hope. If someone recons it will be achieved.. and I don't mean in 2050.. I'd like to hear a reason why A few facts, 0 xp - 200m xp in F2P(PRAYER) Big bones needed - 13,333,334. Current price (368) 13,333,334 x 368 = 4,906,666,912. Not impossible to buy, but would you want to bury 13 million big bones? Note: This is just exp rates and facts from top F2P gainers, haven't even mentioned time periods or funding this monsterous goal. (If they perform the fastest xp possible, addy arrows, big bones, runecraft runners, adamant plates, power mining/fishing/woodcutting/dropping. Yew logs for firemaking) I'm gonna make an educated guess at approximately 30bil+. I image there are few F2P players with this sum of money, maybe some merchant giants. Now all they need is the ability to play 24 hours straight, for 7 years straight, gaining maximum experience possible for each skill) Yea right.. Just not possible!
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