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  1. Okay so my level 74 just hit 85 dungeoneering and now has around 220k tokens I havnt completely decided on which stat/skill setup i'd like to aim for which needs to be established before purchasing a chaotic the current stat setup is 45 att 86 str 35 defence 76 hp and 38 pray I was wondering your opinions on which is better? A turm zerker with chaotic maul? A 'range/str tank' with 50 attack 99 str and 74 pray with cxb A 99 att/str pure with chaotic maul and 35 def I have enough for 99 mage/range and 95 pray regardless of which set up i choose thoughts? :unsure:
  2. having a bow sighted is only good if you're f2p (didn't even know it worked in f2p) otherwise - it sucks. how does a sighted long bow hit accurately on any defense level regardless of your gear? unless youre fighting level 2 men in full rune, it most certainly makes a difference. it explains the whole reason that people hybrid - they change not only the weapon but the armor as well With a sighted maple longbow youre able to hit frequently on people in full rune in f2p. Even if they have 80+ defence. Also with it's high range bonus it allows you to wear heavier 'non-range' like gear such as rune fullhelm + chain + legs and still hit acurrately. If you've ever used one you would certainly notice the difference. But yes, youre right in p2p i dont even bother using a sighted mage longbow.
  3. Definitely head to waterfiends! I was assigned them and didnt want to move on after i finished the task haha. My account is a typical range tank with 70 str & 70 attack and I did fine slaying them. Just use a sara sword (on crush) karil's top and bottom, d boots, and any other thing else to help your str/attack bonuses. Bring some supers and some pray pots along with a few sharks. Crimson charms are common along with a couple of other items worth a bit of money. :thumbup:
  4. 10k tokens is ridiculously quick to come by...and believe me in f2p situations it would ABSOLUTELY be worth it, hits accurately on any defence level no matter how bad your gear nerfs your range bonus. But as far as using it to speed up kills, it's a no. Just go ahead and get the sight in your free time tho :)
  5. Appreciated, looks like ill be hitting pc once i decide to hop on the def train till then..more daemonheim and more daemonheim. :mellow: Remember to quest for the 42 defense. And i assume you mean PC to get a hold of some void, because it's never wise to train stats with PC :wink: Aye yeah thats what i was referring to, cant stand the exp at PC for any stats below..96 tbh :mellow:
  6. Appreciated, looks like ill be hitting pc once i decide to hop on the def train till then..more daemonheim and more daemonheim. :mellow:
  7. I'm nearly maxed just 2 hp levels short and missing rigour. 105 (mems) cmb, 99 range 99 def 97 hp 94 mage 55 pray and 60 dungeoneering (after rig atm) Gear? I have 101m cashpile so I'll be able to buy gear accordingly atm. Clan events? i'd do some boss trips and weekly wars just post here if you have a clan who gets along together and are respectful towards all members :^_^: Post here or on my profile, thanks PS. looking for a decent sized clan 10+ members preferably lol
  8. Basically the issue is I have an account with 82 dungeoneering 83 strength 45 attack 10 defence and 43 prayer. I'll end up getting 85 as I'm going for Rigour & CXbow (will be making the transition from a pure to a range/str tank in the future ) The question I have for you guys is will camping at frost dragons be worth the cost of cannonballs & pray pots? I certainly wont be out there stacking damage with melee at any point though if it's recommended I suppose I could range them from a safespot also.
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