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  1. Frosts would be your best bet if you have a rapier to kill them. Use the best BoB that you can, and, once you can afford it, take a cannon as well. Can easily make well over 1m/hr in just bones, along with decent charms/effigies/other drops. They would be a great way to get gear back for bossing, this is what I am currently doing.
  2. HERE is the updated link to my slayer log, had some problems with other google account and was unable to access it. This is the one I will be using from now on.
  3. There's a riot in W66 Fally tele spot right now to protest it... Screenshot:
  4. I take a gem bag with me on any slayer task in which I am using a RoW. When using this, I usually get several gems, and their price adds up quickly. Also, the tokens it will cost you is only 1 dungeon by the time you'll be high enough Dungeoneering to buy anything better, so it's not really wasting anything.
  5. The link to my log can be found HERE if you would like to check on it at any time.
  6. Profiling this to read when I have more time. Will use on Circus when I do it this week =)
  7. I plan on training Slayer over the next few months to go from 91-99 attack, and 90-95 defense. I created a thread on the Runescape official forums to keep a log, but would be glad to do this instead. I'll get a copy of this now, and send it to you once I've gotten a few levels =)
  8. I was planning on waiting until the end, and doing agility until it hits the 1.1 or 1.2, whichever summoning is capped at. Flipping does sound like a good idea for some quick cash during the weekend tho. Thanks for the help!
  9. Thanks a lot for you help litter. I have about 45m cash stack, but I'm trying to save as much of it as I can to put towards 95 prayer. I already have 96 herb banked for the start of the bonus weekend, though, so summoning is really the only other thing that needs taken care of before it begins.
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