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  1. Prayer is 1m xp/hr afking with frost bones. then i said nothing ^^
  2. S U O M I did a 18mill day ? is this possible lol with prayer ?
  3. XP WASTE ! and if you dont get xp every hour people will think you quit
  4. of course he will, where would he even teleport to, no more xp left to gain castle wars he have not played 5000 games yet !
  5. Drumgun has already 8 200mills secured on first page
  6. early gratz to suomi on 200m construction ! if he does not get it today i will be very dissapointed !
  7. as a side note RS Classic is open again it sure is crowded cant even talk to a tutorial guide good old times ^^
  8. i would love to see S U O M I get a 500m xp lead on everyone else that would be a awesome lead this is already a big achievement but we all know he is up for more was wondering tough how much money he still needs ?
  9. yeah seems nice but maybe a bit to soon ? i support you tough but a lot of players quit after 1billion xp or something btw nice youtube channel only thing that botters me probably xp waste ?
  10. maybe this theory is possible she thinks bandos looks cool ? or is that no option at all ? i mean she is a girl girls are very interested in looks and i really dont see the problem everyone plays the way they want for example i train firemaking with maple instead of yew while i can afford yew ? does that makes me inefficient yeah probably but i like it this way cause i will save money EVERYONE HAVE THEIR OWN WAY OF PLAYING THIS GAME if green was playing efficient she might not like the game as much as she does now and maybe would have quiet 2 years ago.... but yeah this is just me with my everyone plays on their own way theory im a noob i know...
  11. Are you saying he's going to use these on the weekend? If so...no. really ? i was SERIOUSLY thinking he had them to bad...
  12. love the way S U O M I just runs trough 200m construction like its nothing
  13. Dragonseance #1 After XP weekend with pver 400 effigies and 50.000 seals and 50.000 agility tickets and other wicked dragonseance stuff <3
  14. w000t suomi 800k from rank 2 go go go
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