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  1. Enjoying it, and being bored by it are to different things. Let's try and make this clear now. THIS HAPPENS WITH EVERY OTHER SKILL, I'M LOOKING FOR IDEAS ON HOW TO STAY MOTIVATED, NOT HOW TO ENJOY IT. For example, you might not LIKE a military boot camp, but you have to be MOTIVATED to go through it. - I usually watch youtube videos, but eventually, I get ansy and want to do something else in the game. I try to not do anything else and focus on cooking, but it's quite difficult.
  2. If your not going to give advice, please stop trying to raise post count, and get off this thread. Thanks.
  3. I've actually never thought of doing wines, I will defiantly do them. - I never said I didn't enjoy it..LIKE SAID BEFORE, it happens with every skill, I get bored. Thanks for reading my posts, troll. Edit - Dung, would be nice, would have to learn how to do it good. :)
  4. Troll? Not the answer I was looking for. In case you didn't read the problem...I had the same thing with woodcutting or any other skill...
  5. I would defiantly do that, my only problem is, with cooking I pre-bought EVERYTHING, even selling my gear. So finding something that I can do for an hour or so with nothing, is quite difficult. Any ideas?
  6. I need a different type of advice, and if someone(s) could help me, it would be greatly appreciated! What is a good way to stay motivated for a skill? I'm going for 99 cooking, and I keep getting de-motivated. I got woodcutting in a years span because of this. Please don't say "Watch videos and see what you'll get when your finished", because to be honest, that de-motivates me even more..after looking at the cape for a long time..it gets boring and I no longer want it because....well..I've stared at it for 3 hours. Any advice? Thanks!
  7. Very cool that you have what you want. Perhaps do the construction in the way that makes your house look awesome and most costly way, then perhaps build your bank up.
  8. ..I'd say Zezima has achieved more than everyone in the top 15 all together. He is the most iconic RS player of all times, the closest thing you get to "god" status, whatever that is. (edit: I count that as an ingame achievement, but if you dont, lets not argue over that) A little example: Everyone knows who he is, everyone but the newest of the newest players - noone else comes even close to that (and no, Zarfot is/wasn't never even close at beeing as famous.) Fame is 1 thing, his achievements speak for themselves. And a little update/prediction on Zezima: I have from a very reliable source (i met him myself) that Zezima did 250k Livid farm points in 1 day, 2 weeks ago. Now he is rushing 120 dung and that smells alot like Completionist cape to me. It's going to be really interesting to see what Zezima does after 120 dung/completionist cape.. will he play casual, quit or maybe start gaining loads of exp again Random: I like langers updates, and following this thread :thumbsup: Agreed. I could defiantly see that happening.
  9. It's possible. I've heard many things before about people attempting it. Sure it's hard, but if your dedicated, anything is possible.
  10. Hey guys! It's Trained Ice here! As a new member of the Tip.It forums, I'd like to say hi! So, hey everyone! Can't wait to make new, cool friends! Also, if anyone could answer this, that would be awesome, but...what is the official Tip.It in-game clan chat? I thought there is one, just haven't been able to find it? Thanks!
  11. Building my member profile here at tip.it!

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