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  1. If SUOMI finishes construction, and works hard on prayer he can easily claim monthly record. GO SUOMI.
  2. SUOMI, any plans to play more during the bxp weekend ? Like waking up right as it starts and not sleeping as much as usual ? Or do you not care enough to alter your sleep pattern ?
  3. Not very afkable ??? but ur SUOMI.... you dont need afk. Was fishing afk ? was agility afk ? was mining afk ? NO ! U CAN DO IT !!!! Halls - a pep talk in every drop.
  4. Herblore will also require concentration, while making overloads. However prayer and crafting will allow for a tip it post or a quick [bleep].
  5. I woudnt care as in, he can do whatever he wants. However, as a result of that i would loose my respect for him, or any other botter. but still, he doesnt want or need our respect, or care about our opinion. His goal, and he can achieve it however he wants, ( usually the fastest way ). But this whole botting arguement is off topic and it doesnt even remotly come close to donations, which are off topic on this thread anyway. You can think of donations as you like, but lets just drop it. Its getting really annoying.
  6. Honestly, I woudnt care if SUOMI bots, Although I would then loose my respect for him. But as previously stated, its his account and he can reach his goals however he wants. Also, its against the rules and is completely different then receiving donations. Also, why did you and zarfot have that giant fight over ? I was his friend and we sometimes chatted about you in his cc. Kinda funny the stuff people made up about you in that cc. Nothing serious, just something to help us pass our time by, and in no way do i dislike you.
  7. I just dont bother reading the "donations" argument anymore. Its SUOMI's account, Its SUOMI's goal, and he wants to achieve it as fast as possible, so... why not ??? He isn't harming anyone by doing it, and people are happy to help him reach his goals. If you think it devalues his achievements, then take a black sharpie and cross him off the highscores list on your computer =P kktnxbye
  8. Had a car accident today. Scariest moment of my life. Im ok, but my car is wrecked. Worked for over a year to pay for that car, kinda puts me in the same situation as SUOMI if they shut down rs, however he put in much more work into the game then i did into my car... Scary
  9. Cant wait to see SUOMI get massive gains during bxp weekend. I think im just really happy right now because im drunk, oh well =P Also, SUOMI just got 150m range xp =P like a boss.
  10. Assuming SUOMI will only make overloads when he has above a 1.1x multiplier, SUOMI should be almost done with making all of his extremes. At max he can make 14,000 overloads ( i think thats max speed ) in the 10 hours. multiply that by 1,200 xp of making all 5 extremes and u get 16.8m xp. He has gotten 14m xp already so if he stops soon we can assume he is only doing it for the 10 hours. As a side note, its kinda refreshing to see SUOMI ( the king of sticking with one skill untill its done ) do multiple skills in a week. From slayer, to crafting, to herblore. Also him gaining massive xp due to fast skills is fun to watch too. Also, if you want to tell us. What is your bank of choice for doing bank skills ? If you dont want to say exactly, can you at least say if its a bank that is rarely used, or if its in a crowded place.
  11. Yes i did make a mistake, i was using excel and its so easy to screw up. But i knew there was something wrong with that data, because no way can steel titan give that much xp compared to normal combat. And lol at the #1 person in rs, who has gained about 130m ranged xp using a cannon, not knowing that a cannon does not give you hp xp. ( not laughing at u, just thought it was really funny. )
  12. I can tell you are cutting dragonstones. How is the xp/hr ? And i can tell because the xp u gained divides evenly into the amount of xp given by a dragonstone.
  13. Congrats to SUOMI, you have now been slaying for half a year straight =). As a present I will show u how much xp u have gained I only took into account the skills that you actually trained, via effigies or throught slayer. START-----------------FINISH----------------GAINED 2,016,329,832-----2,822,327,386-----805,997,554 overall 11,633,808-----178,423,375-----166,789,567-----slayer 17,409,872-----22,815,327-------5,405,455-----attack 17,132,934-----105,035,822-----87,902,888-----defence 51,003,618-----200,000,000-----148,996,382-----strength 27,294,180-----113,889,963-----86,595,783-----Constitution 15,785,786-----149,109,481-----133,323,695-----ranged 13,284,251-----26,741,300------13,457,049-----prayer 78,664,962-----90,514,999------11,850,037-----woodcutting 47,422,835-----59,987,835------12,565,000-----firemaking 32,209,653-----45,864,841------13,655,188-----crafting 44,134,070-----56,469,804------12,335,734-----herblore 21,120,571-----67,185,459------46,064,888-----farming 19,157,529-----36,472,003------17,314,474-----runecrafting 13,336,114-----25,988,954------12,652,840-----construction 15,708,211-----15,902,085------193,874 ----- summoning There was a little problem with herblore because u trained it during the bxp weekend inbetween your 6 months of slaying. So i subtracted everything u gained during that time. Also, when adding up all three of your melee combat xp gains you get 179,904,126. Divided by 3 that is 59,968,042 hp xp you gained through melee. However your total hp xp gained was 86.6m. Is it posible that the steel titan gave you 26.6m hp xp ? Anyway, amazing xp gains for half a year, and keep it up your almost done.
  14. Personally, i think the decline of rs started when they took away free trade. After that all the updates kept making the game worse. Back then i had a blast, trying to scam some noob out of full rune by luring him into the wild, heart racing as i attack him... will never forget those times. But now ? whoever starts playing this game in f2p will be extremely turned off by all the bots, stealing trees, stealing ores, spamming up the ge ? How can that attract players to pay for membership. SUOMI, i think you should do your own thing and complete your goal. If you are having fun, keep at it. Alot of people already have soo much respect for you because of what you achieved.
  15. but its a brilliant idea if you look at it from their perspective of income.
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