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  1. If I understand you correctly, you're saying that former members would go to the f2p hiscores? That's how I read it, just correct me if I am wrong. If f2p and p2p hiscores were indeed separated based on current membership, all of the highest ranks in the f2p hiscores would be inactive players like Paperbag, Zarfot, etc. Players like Water would still have higher overall ranks compared to now, but it wouldn't exactly be ideal to have a front page of all inactive players. You have it correct Luwts, it wouldn't be perfect for f2p (still competeing with inactive members), but would be better than the current situation in my non-qualified (been a member since 2002 - don't remember f2p much) opinion.
  2. Anybody wonder if Jmods follow this thread? OK, so rather than add another rant about the f2p highscore nuke (there have been enough already - most very well put), I have a suggestion instead. It sounds like Jagex's objective is to remove bots and inactive players (targeting primarily the mid level ones that quit I assume) so that new members can better compete with real competition. With those objectives in mind, why not simply separate the highscores, one for p2p and one for f2p. Members would no longer need to compete with inactives and bots, f2p wouldn't need to compete with members (Water please correct me if I am wrong, but I think that would be a bonus for you), and everybody gets to keep their ranks. Finally, Jagex creates a new incentive for f2p to join members. Win-win-win for all? I'm curious to know what you think and if you have any other alternatives. Edit: I just copy and pasted the above to RSOF - go support if you can. QF 16-17-786-63381806
  3. facepalm Staking is not luck based unless you're one of those lads who just sit afk while hoping their character boxes the win. alternate facepalm... Clicking different attack styles doesn't do shift.... And Mage boxing is exactly the same. It all comes down to who hits highest (which is, to say, luck). 1. By selecting a different attack style, you get a +3 bonus to your level on the one you selected. 2. Mage boxing with movement is different to no movement. Movement mage boxing you use animation delays and you have to know when to ice/blood, no movement boxing is more when to blitz/barrage. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't getting a +3 bonus to your attack style end with classic? I believe selecting an attack style simply lets you choose which skill to get experience in (other than the effect of crush/slash/stab, none of which would have an effect in boxing).
  4. Congratulations SUOMI, 1.8b left!!!
  5. Excited much? It's been awhile since agility has been given a nice update.
  6. Well, 1,800 frost bones/hr at 10,700ea means that your 92m probably didn't make it 5 hours. It blows me away how fast money can be spent on buyable skills.
  7. Well Jagex is doing this new policy where you get demodded if you dice. Happened to the top two Runecrafters, some others, and now Kyle too. Not too sure on the mechanics of it though. Does the game keep track of how many times you use the dice bag and after a certain amount, you loose mod? It would be too easy for a pmod to advertise the dice, then have somebody else in the fc actually do the dicing. My guess is they make use of the censor system to alert them when people say certain things. Why they can't shut down macroers and rwt bots this way is beyond me.
  8. I haven't herd much about this Desupty guy other then he was the fastest person to ever max out, I really believe he is truly destined for greatness in rs. I know for a fact he will be #1 to 5B exp and this is why: He has shown capability to nolife for long periods of time He has more support then anyone else that is currently taking place in the race to 200M all Has an extremely successful clan chat, unlike any other of the contenders. All these facts add up to one conclusion: Desupty as rank 1 overall for infinity and beyond. I hope suomi realizes this sooner rather then later, and quits before desupty makes a fool of him, just like any other person who has competed against him. DESUPTY FOR RANK 1 OVERALL He will not quit. He will not slack. Expect him. Not to beat a dead-horse even more, but based on runetracker's most recent info: __________Monthly Exp____Weekly Exp___Daily Exp Desupty____73m__________13m________341k SUOMI_____301m_________50m________3.2m Methinks somebody won't be catching up anytime soon.
  9. Wierd that they would fix this 'bug' without actually fixing it everywhere. It's not like Mods are oblivious to high alching while mining/wc/fish. And why didn't it get fixed when it was discovered? It seems like most known bugs get fixed within one update cycle.
  10. As a side note, it looks like a new round of auras are about to be released. None of the aura's that I have seen seem to effect xp rates much, except perhaps jack of all trades, which nobody has had a chance to try out yet. Any ideas on how this will effect all 200m skills?
  11. Too bad Suomi doesn't do 200m parties. He could easily do a 3-way party with construction, slayer, and range. It wouldn't be much of an exp waste, just bank effigies until 200m range. Have a 20 min party, then back to crawlers for rc. But then again, it wouldn't be Suomi if he wasted 20 minutes (how many game ticks is that???)
  12. I think that Suomi has made it clear in the past that his Alog will remain private for the time being. Also, he won't be able to post here as long as he is training construction as there is no AFK time there. Hopefully once he goes back to slayer/crawlers he can start posting again.
  13. My best (and totally unqualified) guess is that he is looking to max all combat stats, with range/prayer the last two left. Ranging crawlers is probably more efficient towards a 200m in all skills goal, but that may not be his priority now.
  14. From the runetracker page, it looks like Suomi has gained that 80m summoning experience starting September 10th, which gives him the rest of the month to get the 105m left to 200m exp. Assuming he has the charms to continue, it wouldn't be difficult pass Drumgun for the monthly record. And yes, gratz to Suomi. Awesome accomplishments in the past week.
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