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  1. Thanks for the info, got the name I wanted :)
  2. Ah I see, so it's up to the players to keep track of when the names get released, thanks a lot.
  3. With the next batch of names coming out in a few hours, I have a few questions as I've missed all the others. 1) How are the names released? Is it a full update where there will be a system announcement and then everyone is logged out, or is it just behind the scenes with no announcement? 2) What's the most efficient way to get a desired name? Just go into account settings and spam refresh? Thank a lot.
  4. Hi, I recently got back to rs after not playing since around September last year. I'm looking to max again and I have a few questions for divination. 1) At my current level (in signature), approximately how long should 99 divination take? 2) Are there any updates since which will give me faster divination xp rates? I'm currently doing lustrous wisps. Thanks in advance
  5. Just had some massive looking troll like monster walk through w77 dg lobby, examine text was something like "what is it?". It just walked in and around lobby and then walked out again, could be to do with new boss though.
  6. Quick question (somewhat about ports), can you keepsake the degradable ports armour or is it superior only?
  7. Darn I really liked the look of it, really suits the exquisite spear in the picture too. Thanks though, I went searching for it and couldn't find it listed anywhere.
  8. [spoiler=Dual Battleaxes] [spoiler=Spear] Sorry I know this is off topic, but what armour is this? 0_0
  9. Has anyone seen any guthixian butterflies from the butterfly flower plant? I've planted a few and each time nothing.
  10. Useful for finding worlds I guess, but that's the only use as I see it. Team capes have been much more beneficial so far.
  11. Warband pk also seem to have a second FC now called pk warband? (Not sure if space or not)
  12. Haven't done it in a few days, does this mean people wearing team30 capes will not be attacked if they are not in FC? (I.e. removed from FC when rank joins)
  13. I read you are f2p in another thread so your best bet is 85flyingcat FC, this is setup in f2p specifically for skillers and the xp rates can average around 120k/hr or even higher depending on who the combats are. Most of the people in the FC reside in the clan Dg family. As for stats, you might want 54 runecrafting to make law runes, other than that the FC is perfectly fine with you chilling at home the whole floor (just don't afk).
  14. The FC is overpacked, if you world hop while a wanband is active they assume you don't need to be in FC and kick you so others can join. Also I'm guessing they want everyone to stay at the warband camp for whatever reason.
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