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  1. GRuneScape!!! What has happened to you!!! You were my favorate, but then diseases happened. The squeal of fortune. Solomons general store. Turning taverly into a starting city and combining it with Burthorpe. Firing the Lumbridge sage, replacing Roddeck, and then making him useless except for saying: "Use the Task System, that's my advice!" He is an advisor you idiots, he is supposed to GIVE ADVICE!!! And whatever Jagex says, buying spins to get xp and money, IS REAL WORLD TRADING AND NOTHING WILL CONVINCE ME OTHERWISE YOU IDIOTS AT JAGEX WHO CLAIM TO BE TRYING TO "INCREASE REVENUE!!!" REAL WORLD TRADING IS REAL WORLD TRADING!!! THATS THE LAW OF NON-CONTRADICTION YOU JUST DESTROYED!!! Remember those, Jagex? They are called the Laws of Thought. You can not say we can not sell gold for real money (which I hate, dont get me wrong) so that you have a darn monopoly on the RWT market!!! If you do it its allowed, and since it is a disgrace to allow it, DONT DO IT YOURSELVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so if someone reading this knows somebody in the financial department for Jagex, tell them please. PLEASE!?! PLEASE!?! PLEASE!?! PLEASE!?! PLEASE!?! PLEASE!?! you know my opinion. I just want my belove runescape back... I want to argue with people in the Varrock bar that Armadyl is sooo much better than all the others. I want RuneScape...
  2. Once i was at the GE and someone said they wanted to try my rune plate. I let them. Then they left with my stuff. What they didnt knowis that the "rune" armour was only iron. They need better resolution
  3. Olafsoldier1

    Stupid hackers

    My account was hacked a while ago. I wasnt a high lvl player and only had 100k. They took every penny. They also took my only weapon, a steel 2h. Then they destroyed my silverlight, excalibur, blurite sword etc. They sold or destroyed every thing. So when I re-hacked it and got it back, I had only holiday stuff.
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