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  1. Im sort of feeling on Racheya's side. I am slowing starting to hate this game for her same exact reasons. The fact that jagex won't do anything about the bots is eben pissing me off, and ive been a player since 2004. I used to be able to tolerate them, now there is at least 5 bots for every real player standing in the ge. its really upsetting. Also, it really seems that jagex only cares about money.. i made a new str pure, and when i got to 10 str, there was something that popped up saying "upgrade to a members account and get this cool dwarfen battle axe" or something. They are even advertising members stuff in f2p just north of falador. Jagex is most likely completely aware of the amount of bots, but the gigantic income Jagex has seen has stirred them away from that because they will be losing money. Even peoples attitudes have changed.. i have actually deleted everyone from my friends list because they either gave away their account or quit.. or just changed in general. If this keeps up, within the next few months even I see myself leaving.. even if its a brief period. I just recently came back from a 7 month dry spree of Runescape, and now it seems I want to be away again because of all this nonsense.
  2. My favourite songs to pk too are as follows (bands listed on the right, in alphabetical order): First Round First Minute - Adept This Ends Tonight - Adept Visions - Bring Me The Horizon Alligator Blood - Bring Me The Horizon Pulll Back The Reins - Comeback Kid To The Grave - Counterparts (<---- song has a great meaning too) Conviction - The Crimson Armada Juggernaut - The Crimson Armada Composed of Stone - The Crimson Armada Napalm - The Crimson Armada Soul Crusher - The Crimson Armada The Downfall of Us All - A Day To Remember I'm Made of Wax Larry, What Are You Made Of? - A Day To Remember 2nd Sucks - A Day To Remember Asphyxia Fiend - Dead and Divine Ditchpig - Dead and Divine Teenage Rot(<3333) - Dead and Divine Split the Sky - Kingdoms In Response to Stars - Misery Signals Anchor - Misery Signals Immaculate Misconception - Motionless in White Unrest - Parkway Drive Judgement Day - Sanctuaries (a local band) Transcend - Spires Home - Spires (best song meaning i have ever heard because i can relate ;-;) Through the Trees - Volumes Wormholes - Volumes Edge of the Earth - Volumes Two-one - Volumes The Columbian Faction - Volumes Limitless - Volumes that concludes my super long playlist of songs i pk too. TL;DR this is a bunch of metal with screaming so if your ears can't handle this, don't listen to any. I reccommend listening to them if you like rock/metal/metalcore/melodic hardcore/post hardcore
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