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  1. He is in the top 15 overall XP, and he already was when you did your most recent time calc update.
  2. So you don't track the entire top 15 anymore? I understand you deleted Suomi and Telmomarques, but I thought that was because they were inactive. Why isn't Number1 boss on the list? He is just as much a contender for 200m all skills as many of the other players on this list. I know that you say in order to be added, "that player must be going to 200m all..." but I'm not sure what you mean exactly. Have all of the players on this list told you personally that they are going for 200m all? If not, then you must be reasonably assuming that they are planning on it. In that case, Number1 boss should be added, since he is clearly aiming for 200m all, and he has as much of a chance as many of the other players on this list, based on time left and past dedication to the game.
  3. Suomi had some very impressive hunter gains today. That's encouraging to see.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBw_BXcjDoU&feature=g-u-u
  5. Gratz to Chilly on max total! It's about time she got on the front page.
  6. Depending on how soon Suomi starts Runespanning after 200m attack, he could snag rank 12 or 13 in runecrafting. What rank do you all think he'll reach?
  7. It's because Runetracker and the Runescape Highscores can both be a bit buggy and used to ones advantage. Basically, after Suomi's first autologout session the highscores didn't update, so he was able to play for >12 hours before it updated. During the time when the highscores weren't updating it passed the 1 day inactivity mark, which means that Runetracker could be updated even though Suomi hadn't gained exp. Then two hours after that Suomi logged out again and the highscores were finally updated. Thus, it shows Suomi gaining 2.1 mil attack exp in a 2 hour period, which is clearly impossible. Regardless of all that, and to answer your question Ape Atoll skeletons are fastest at about 200k xp/hr. Ok that makes sense, thanks for the information.
  8. What is the fastest melee training method? Suomi has gotten over 5m attack xp in the last 24 hours, which seems ridiculous.
  9. I wonder if Suomi is planning to go to 200m crafting right now. If he does, he will have a staggering 18 skills at 200m xp, with attack soon to make 19. Very impressive.
  10. Ummm...wow. Check out Suomi's summoning gains today. He's just under 196m now.
  11. It looks like Drumgun has returned to fishing. If he sticks to that skill, he should finish in less than a week.
  12. I watched his new FAQ video and he states he plays 10 hours a day on weekdays and 17 hours on weekends. Does this mean he's going to get 5B xp? Nope. 13m smith xp weeks. its 250k xp an hour thats 50 hours a week less then 7 hours a day but ok. With what you said he would be getting 21m+ xp a week He probably spends quite a bit of his time on RS making money.
  13. Moment of silence tbh. Dj zarfot lol. Epic remix, in memory of Zarfot.
  14. Magnus just recently became the first pure skiller with 1b+ xp. Gratz to him for that impressive achievement. :)
  15. I can't wait to see what Suomi trains after attack. I hope he cranks out a fast skill like hunter or thieving :)
  16. In Suomi's Youtube videos he usually says that he plays approximately 10 hours per day.
  17. He is not going to 5b XP. It would actually be interesting to also track the people that have the goal to get 5b Overall XP. What is Jake's ultimate goal on Runescape then? Just curious.
  18. Well it definitely looks like Dapledo hasn't quit, because he's doing a substantial amount of dungeoneering. I wonder if maxing is his foremost priority right now.
  19. ...Why is Suomi still camping?
  20. Suomi hit 28m base today, and Dapledo just got 100m prayer =D
  21. I like how all suomi says is no xp waste. Yet he wont stop killing cave crawlers till new cape comes out to save some xp. He wont use the book of char because it only saves a few hours. He dosnt use jack of trades. He took like 2 months to buy stead boots because they wearnt good enough even though gp is donated. suomi can you please stop saying no xp waste when you have wasted well over 2 months of xp already blockign mining effigy stages and wouldnt even make overloads because they are to expensive even though your money is donated not sure why you say you dont like wasting money when its all donated so please stop using theese overused jokes thanks sorry didnt really mean to add reply to that post not sure how to remove it was just posting about him Ok first of all "no xp wasted" doesn't mean anything... At all... The term doesn't even make sense. You can not "waste" xp. Any xp gained is good when going for 200m all skills. Hence his phrase being a hyperbolic joke about how many people view him and his approach to the game. You can however waste time. Time is the valuable resource being used here to gain xp. Suomi's playing style involves making an effort to not waste time while training via the methods he chooses to do. However; he does not let efficiency wholey dictate what methods he chooses to train with. This is where fun and practicality come in. The people who don't understand what you are saying now will never understand. We've gone over this many times.
  22. Great update Pinata, thanks :) Very detailed and humorous.
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