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  1. He's actually a benevolent character XD but I guess he does look a bit like an incarnation of death or something.
  2. [hide=Ok, some slight changes][/hide]
  3. awesome, thanks. I'll get to work fixing what you suggested.
  4. I've been working on this face for a few days now, anything seem out of place, badly shaped? I'm thinking the perspective of the ear is somewhat off. EDIT: [hide=changes based on what Sy_Accursed said][/hide] excellent tips, that helped a lot.
  5. Indefinite, it's near impossible to successfully program bots now. I assume the economy will take a hit, but it will eventually recover with less skewed prices.
  6. I find it a refreshing break from the vague and empty words they usually post on the forums. They are enjoying themselves and so are many players in reading these replies. Let it be. No. They let bots go for years without even admitting bots existed and now they finally do something after 2 years and they want to act like they are gods gift to the world. Good for them it took them years to finally fix their broken game, but I won't give them props for it. They let it get so bad that it's going to directly harm them financially, and it's to the point now where RS will never recover and will probably be the death of their game. They wouldn't have tried this unless they knew the risk concerning the future of the company was minimal.
  7. People usually equip the boots to prevent Bandos troops from attacking them in GWD. Otherwise it is much better to use dragon boots.
  8. I don't think the nuke directly caught any bots, it just stops the bot programmers from taking advantage of the client. So yeah, this is a good solution, all bots are pretty much dead, they can't come back. The people being banned were probably already on their report list. The botting communities are usually made up of 5% hardcore elite programmers, 15% programmers in training, then 80% mindless rabble. :-P
  9. EDIT: that ^^ Whatever uses the most planks to save time, the experience is based on planks used, it doesn't really matter what you make.
  10. Jagex never said there would be 1.5M bans going along with this. They said that they had recently banned 1.5M bots. All this does is prevent bots from continuing to bot. Doesn't ban them. Then every bot they've "banned" must've been an F2P noob account. That is, if they actually banned any accounts for botting. What about the high level botted accounts in P2P? They're not going to ban them? :rolleyes: Well, they released the program that stops bots from working as an update. Most bots are usually down after an update anyways, so naturally there aren't going to be any on for them to ban. And really, most of the ex-bots probably won't be banned, because if the botting program doesn't work, they're not going to log on. So unless some moron tries to use his old, broken bot, then you aren't going to go up in ranks without gaining XP due to this. Just for the sake of asking then what is, essentially, a stupid question: why impose anti-botting measures if you're not going to permanently ban the bots? :rolleyes: So they don't lose paying members? XP There's also the risk of wrongfully banning a bunch of people then having to process their appeals.
  11. Minotaurs in the stronghold of security are great for early F2P ranged training. You may want to move on to hill giants later.
  12. It's easy to detect bots which repeat the exact same input for hours straight, but it's near impossible to detect bots which behave similarly to a human player unless they glitch up. @ Sly_Wizard They seem pretty confident on the powerbot forum thread, I haven't checked any others though.
  13. "They will make it harder for script writers is all. Supposedly they will make it incredibly hard so I could see Script Writers start charging for their scripts because it will take a tedious amount of time to make scripts work perfectly given the update." - Botting forum user
  14. It should take ~900 oak planks to reach 45. So that would cost around 400k if you buy the planks - under 250k if you sawmill your own oak logs. Alternatively you could use ~250 oak planks to reach level 35, then switch over to teak. Then it will take ~450 teak planks to reach 45 (~700 planks in total).
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