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  1. Ohi guys. Maxed magic ages ago already, havent played runescape for some time, now Im playing from time to time so here is my progress.Also reached 85mining purely f2p for the 2nd time (No Bol)
  2. So guys, last 1,2M xp to go. I will announce party details on Thursday, but I hope to throw a party on weekend. :)
  3. @Kaida, thanks, yes it is true, but the diffrence between me and you is that i hate powermining iron, I'm doing coal. :D If you are interested, I'm watching movies and alching. My private is off at that time, so people don't be mad at me that I don't respond, because my runescape window is just a little square. My alch item is right under alch spell icon. :) Leveled 95 today. School starts on Tuesday, so I don't think that I'll be leveling so fast. :)
  4. Gained 150K mining xp for 83 and as I'm sick, I'm watching films and alching a lot. I also leveled 94 magic, but no screenie,cause missed that while watching movie. ://
  5. Yes they are, actually. With gravite 2h and abbilities you can gain ~50-52k xp/h.
  6. @Kaida, thanks mate. :) Gained some levels. I'm not sure what I will do now.
  7. @Constrictor, thanks, I hope you will come back from time to time. :) Update. So lately I've been runecrafting, firemaking and I also completed burtophe tutorial and obtained my baby troll. :) I was thinking how to call it and called it Beer. :D Now I'm going to get 90 firemaking and maybe 90 Runecrafting if I'll want to. :P
  8. Congratz on 97 mining Dan! :) I'm not a fan of runescape blogs on youtube, but I must admit, your chanel cought my eye. I've seen all your vids and can't wait for more. :) ~Your beloved Economistic. :P
  9. @Kaida, thank you. :) I've been doing symbols mostly. :) Gained some 87s. :P
  10. Update. So I've been doing some melee, magic, runecrafting, dungeoneering etc. etc. So these bunch of activities brought me 92 magic level and 168 combat. I'm also not far from 87 firemaking, might get that someday.. :)
  11. Update. I've been doing lots of stuff since my last level up (82 mining). I've been playing great orb project, crafting, alching and more xp wasting. :D I thought that I have not trained crafting for a long time now so I've decided to craft some stuff. :P And here I'm. 1310 total and 81 crafting, might get 85 one day, because it is one of my 2 non combat skills that are below 85. :) As you can see I don't have any goals and I think it is not bad idea, as you can do whatever you feel like.. :)
  12. @Thanks Kaida and Raven. :) @Chipmunk, thank you and no, I'm too lazy for that. :( Update. Managed to get 82 mining and 86 firemaking (no screenie), At the moment I'm doing only mining, firemaking and some flipping so I'm leveling very slowly. :( Might get 87 firemaking in a couple days. :wink: Here you can see 82 mining level up screenie and also I counted that i made nearly 1M from 145-150k mining xp. On that note, my bank's worth reached 20M. :wink:
  13. Good day Tip.it community! :) Long time no update, huh? :) It is because i wasn't very active in game due to school/lack of motivation to play and so on. :) But I managed to reach 1300 total. :wink: I also leveled my first three 90s: Dungeoneering, Magic and Smithing. :) I've been doing some fishing lately as 83 looks ugly, so thats what I'm doing now to be honest.. :) Hopefully I'll reach level 85 in a couple days. :razz: I also want to get last 300k woodcutting xp to reach my 8th 85+ level, but I'm not sure about that, because at the moment I'm not very interested in woodcutting.. :sad: So here are my latest , biggest achievements since last post. :wink:
  14. Thanks Kaida and Adam. :) Missed 88 smithing pic. So here it is 89. :P Couple clan mates were around and decided to congratz me. :D
  15. @Kaida, thanks, yes it is Rimmington mine. :wink: So I tried smithing @anvil for the first time in my life and i really enjoyed it. Sadly I'm too poor to continue smithing like this, so I'll be heating rune bars i think. I gained ~50k smithing xp on anvil and it brought me shiny 87 smithing. :) 87/90 :razz:
  16. Did you miss me? :) So lately i've been mining (enjoyed it I can say :P) but i'm a bit tired of it and i would like to do smithing. As i never did anvil smith, I counted (with huge help of riddle lol) prices and came up that 86-90 smithing with iron platebodies would cost me ~6m. And that is more than 1/3 of my bank, so I won't smith on anvil, cause it is too expensive for me.. :( I may train @artisans and see if i can stick to it. Cause as I remember 76-85 was painful... :)
  17. Thank you Zobhg. :) Did some combat, started to like it for the 1st time in my rs history (thats like 7years :D ) I really want to get 60 pray, cause its my lowest stat and its like 56, thats ugly. So mainly i will train @mossies, hill giants collecting my own bones and bones from bots ( Yes, they just kill and dont take big bones, so its pretty fast pray xp and also its way more fun then training combat afk ^^
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