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  1. Your Clan Name (as you want it to appear): Execution A link to your clan's banner (please keep it under 810x250 or it will automatically be resized): http://img843.imageshack.us/img843/7223/zcsqjre.png A link to your clan's website/forums: http://execution-rs.com/forum/ A link to your clan's runehead/memberlist: n/a Your Clan Leaders: BvG, Sithlord, Marcus, Evezz Your Clan Initials: Exe Your Clan's Main Focus (ie. Warring, Skilling, Pest Control, etc.): Pure Warring - F2P and P2P
  2. http://execution-rs.com/forum/ Today Execution set out for their first F2P Saturday. We pulled 50 to this event and easily dominated every other clan that was out. We maintained 35+ for 2 hours and 30 minutes of ownage. We cleared every pure clan that was out in F2P today other than Mayhem Makers, who had over double our pull. EXE vs YR/LT We walked up and hopped to one of those F2P worlds. As soon as we logged in, the Young Rebels rushed us in single for some reason. We fought back and pushed them down to level 1. We immediately got a fall in and walked back north, where we found LT just a few steps into multi. We rushed them, but were only able to kill 2-3 before the high-tailed it to single strip. EXE vs SP Then, we ourselves went to single strip. We hopped worlds and rushed 26hills where we found around 20 Salvation Pures. We easily cleared up the lil' guys. Thanks for staying and fighting unlike most clans. Respect SP. EXE vs SV/LT Afterwards we headed out to seek some more revenge on Sovereign. We found them and Leet Tactics around the bandit camp. We pushed them north where we cleare them all up. While we were clearing up SV north, LT was getting a regroup north of castle and picking off our stragglers. We rushed south and cleared most of them. We then chased their 10 survivors down to level 1 then went for some prayer and our first bank. EXE vs E/YR, ft. MM While banking, we got word that Epidemic were around 13 ports. We rushed it and easily cleared them up as they only pulled around 15-20 (I think). After clearing them up, Young Rebels appeared north. We pushed onto them. Shortly after Mayhem Makers crashed, so we went west to single and walked down. EXE vs SV/CP After that, we found Sovereign walking around near Chaos Alter. We cleared them up easily. With no single spot near, we were able to take them all down. We immediately ran to single strip. From there were headed north, as we heard the Corrupt Pures were outside of Maze. By the time we showed up, there were only around 10 CP there. We killed the few that we could, then headed out. EXE vs CP, ft HI After that we got our first real 1v1 against Corrupt Pures. They were inside Chaos Alter at this time. We rushed in and had a good, long fight with them. It was a ton of fun. It ended with Exe taking the advantage with our superior piling and spamming. Thanks a ton for the fight CP, it was alot of fun. Oh and after we were clearing up the last of CP south of the alter, Hostility tried to rush us with like 15. Unfortunately it didn't do them much good. We turned around and made them all die, logg out, or dip out. EXE vs HI After that we found Hostility in a DD at sperm hill. We pushed on top of their hill and cleared them up in about 12.32 seconds. Soldier's Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FwhZGf1vsKw Alex's Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DzSGQOnlEl8 Wee-Bay's Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=ovmsbXP2u8Y P50's Video
  3. About Us Activation is a F2P based pure warring clan. Activation was an LPC (Low Level Pure Clan) clan that moved into the MPC (Medium Level Pure Clan) scene after months of domination. Due to many ranks retiring, Activation was forced to close. Now, on August 27th, 2012, Activation has re-opened its doors as a Multi-Clanning Low Pure Clan. Activation prides its self not only on its extreme organization, but its community aspects as well. Activation has been widely accepted as one of the best community pure clans. With new leadership, Activation is back and ready to reclaim its spot at the top. [Home world] F2P: 38 P2P 39 [Website] http://activationrs.com/index/ [iRC Channel] #Activate [Official Youtube] http://www.youtube.c...Rs?feature=mhee [Team Cape] Leadership [Leader] BvG Lewke [High Council] Knucks` [Warlord] Open [Council] Adorned Soda Downyz Requirements Melee Option - 75+ Primary: Strength 40+ Attack 65+ Secondary: Range / Magic Range Option - 75+ Primary: Range 65+ Secondary: Magic / Strength (40+ attack is required if your secondary is Strength) Hybrid Option - 70+ Range and Strength 40+ Attack
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