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  1. They released a few videos about the back story of Gielinor about a year or so, but it only mentioned 3 Elder Gods. Also other quests have been hinting at Elder Gods for a while now, but we didn't know the exact number. is about the Elder gods. This one is a cartoon about the creation of Gielinor http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TB88piitm9o.
  2. The 2nd article was a bit off when it comes to getting 99 construction. It doesn't cost that much if you know what to do. Construction is faily cheap if you do construction daily tasks, and do warbands. They also have that construction dnd every month too.
  3. Article 1 I agree. The ge and not being able to buy what other players sold to the shops killed them off. I would like for them to get new life. Article 2 I have been playing since 2007, and still enjoy the game. Of course there have been times when I log and only do daily changellenges or pop. The thing that keeps me going is the clan. I would say quests, but they are rare now a days it seems.
  4. I normally don't read fictional articles, but the newpaper one was just so good that I couldn't miss it. I feel that it should be ingame costing 50gp and sold in Varrock. The summary of 2004-2013 in rs was nice. It also showed me how much 2013 sucked, even with the 2 great grandmaster quests. I am a quester and 5 quests is just pathic. I also didn't realize how great 2005 was for questing since i started in March 2007.
  5. I like the new voting system because we will get both updates eventually, which to me is much better than a yes or no system (for most of them). The expection to this rule I feel is the Easter Event choice....traditional or WE3 (Cabbage God vs Monkey God). It makes sense that the votes are members only since they are member updates. All articles were well written. The review of this year was nicely balance balance. It is great to see some positivity from the community on updates.
  6. Ts_Stormrage forgot to mention two very important things on his analysis of the new skill. First off, he didn't even mention the divine training plots, which great at higher lvls. (Not just yourself, but for other as well.) He also failed to mention that this is an incomplete skill because its buddy skill hasn't come out yet. I also want to add that Jagex said there is going to be updates to the skill before its buddy skill comes out.
  7. Wait, what? I don't remember saying this. Where did I say this? Sorry I wrote my reply quickly and got yours switch around with the other one. I should have said 2nd article instead of 1st one.
  8. As for the 2nd article...of course its a click and wait skill...all of them expect for dung. As for the first article....you are soooooooooooooooo wrong when you say this feels like dung and not like fishing or woodcutting. Div in no way feels like dung or a minigame what so ever. The div feels exactly like woodcutting and fishing for the most part but with the added benefit of making it useful on its own without the need of another skill. (Woodcutting needs firemaking and fletching and fishing needs cooking to be useful.) Both authors forgot to mention that we haven't seen the skill true worth yet because its buddy skill hasn't been released yet, and it won't be until 2014.
  9. For the first article I do agree with the author and his grading of rs3. The split chat that we can have right now is terrible compared to the old one, and I miss it very much. Second....Jagex said they already have different teams working on their other projects so those projects shouldn't affect RS updates.
  10. First off the Comp (T) is suppose to take along time to get, and at least jagex give a good reason for the CW games now instead of the old one. (Also no one is forcing anyone to get it anyways, and most people don't even want it.) Also the clans/FCs owning certain things (minigames and bosses) is the fault of the community and something jagex cant really fix. Warbands has always been controlled by a few fcs anyways (in fact the new updates [nerfs] to warbands lower their power). As for Vorago, the goal was to make an unsoloable boss and they did that. You don't need to pay 100m for a kill or a rank in the big fcs for Vorago, you just need strong friends or clanmates.
  11. It took me a lot of bananas, but it's definitely true: I tried going to ape troll and the monkey disappears before I even get there, so I can't even do it. I don't know if I'm doing anything wrong, but it looks like a lie to me.
  12. The funny article was actually funny this time to me. Also I love the DYK this week. I am going to try it out now!!! P.S I tried it (I maybe doing it wrong) but the DYK is a lie.
  13. 1st- Jagex already said that the new skills will go together like mining and smiting. Also agility gives players access to new areas and allows them to use shortcuts, along with refilling the run energy. 2nd- I like how you explained how Meg was a parody of a noob player. I didn't see that. I thought she asked those dumb question because she was a reference from "Meg" in Family Guy. Meg in the show is the seventeen year old daughter of the main character and is treated poorly (That is why you can say "Shut up, Meg." to her, a common gag in the show.) w00t my first-first post!!!
  14. You also have to remember that there are npc that talk about the different gods. Hopefully that will cause more diversity than people choosing the same god as everyone else.
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