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  1. Lol i am screensharing :D its just got to be done! currently were really unlucky -.-
  2. Remember guys, if you haven't got the gear in the suggested set-ups feel free to downgrade it!
  3. Dem Skoll Boots! :P Yep them Skoll boots are defiantly the way forward for that 70 agility :D
  4. Today we have decided that it will be a Saradomin weekend and therefore another another event Time and friend chat has been posted the following day, this also makes it more friendly for all US & Canada and Australians to come to an event :D Hope to see you all there!!! Dunger~~
  5. Hope to see lots of people coming to this event! :D nice item drops etc. big splits :D will be an overall fun and profitable event! Dunger~~
  6. Saradomin Slaughter Zilyana (Saradomin) GWD Time and Date - Event 1 Date: Saturday, 4th February 2012 Time: 8PM GMT - (UK Time) Other Time Zones: GMT (Greenwich Mean Time): 8PM CET (Central European Time): 9PM ACT (Australia Central Time): 7AM on Sunday 5th February 2012 PST (US & Canada Pacific Standard Time): 12PM MST (US & Canada Mountain Standard Time): 1PM CST (US & Canada Central Standard Time): 2PM EST (US & Canada Eastern Standard Time): 3PM Friends Chat "Crazy Dunger" Co-Hosts: Octarine, Dir ko maar Time and Date - Event 2 Date: Sunday, 5th February 2012 Time: 10PM EST Other Time Zones: GMT (Greenwich Mean Time): 3AM on Monday 6th February 2012 CET (Central European Time): 4AM on Monday 6th February 2012 ACT (Australia Central Time): 2PM on Monday 6th February 2012 PST (US & Canada Pacific Standard Time): 7PM MST (US & Canada Mountain Standard Time): 8PM CST (US & Canada Central Standard Time): 9PM EST (US & Canada Eastern Standard Time): 10PM Friends Chat "Dark X Nick" Co-Hosts: Server and Location Server will be announced nearer to the time of event. - Meet outside Saradomin GWD boss door (get kill count before the start of event to be ready to enter 8PM GMT). The Boss Saradomin GWD. Coinshare will be active. The best spot to get kill count is by killing any Saradomin follower, such as Mages, Warriors and Priests in the main area near the entrance. Many of these monsters will be in combat, allowing you to kill them with ease with minimal damage and prayer loss. Please note that if you die during the events TMHT members will bless your grave, but we cannot accept responsibilty for any items lost. Please do not take any items that you are not willing to lose! Inventory & Equipment Suggested Melee Set-Up Suggested Low Ranged Set-Up Suggested High Ranged Set-Up You may use a Beast of Burden, such as a War Tortoise, at Saradomin Godwars to help extend your trip. Alternatively, you can bring a healing familiar, like a Unicorn Stallion, to aid with restoring health. With the Melee set-up you can substitute the high level Bandos armour for Barrows armour, such as Torags, or any other high defence melee armour. The Chaotic Maul can also be substituted for a Chaotic Rapier, Longsword, or Abyssal Whip. Requirements 60 Agility or Strength is required to access the God Wars Dungeon. 70 Agility is required to enter the Saradomin Encampment. 2 ropes (only on first entry to Saradomin Encampment). 40 kill count is needed to enter the Boss room. Saradomin item (Optional: and Zamorak) while getting kill count Tactics GWD Mechanics and Protecting Items Tip.It Saradomin monster hunting guide Bestiary Thanks to Tip.it's monster hunting section for this Saradomin Godwars guide. If you are new to Saradomin GWD please read this!! Upon your first visit to the Saradomin section of the GWD you will need two ropes in order to access the main area. These ropes will then remain in the Godwars Dungeon forever. A Saradomin item is ESSENTIAL whilst getting kill count in the Saradomin area! A Zamorak item is also recommended for complete safety in the area. Pray Protect from Magic when killing Zilyana. She will target one player until the player loses her aggression, or she dies. The most common way for a player to lose her aggression is to run to each corner of the boss chamber until she targets another player. She attacks with Melee and Magic, both of which can hit very hard and very fast, and therefore it is advised that the person she targets keeps out of melee range as much as possible. Friend Chat Ranks The Main host will be the Chat owner, or will have a Gold Star in the chat. Silver stars are CO HOSTS. Bronze Stars are other TMHT members. Please note all three of these ranks will have the ability to kick members from chats, should we need to. If you need assistance, feel free to Private message a Host/Co-host, or ask in the chat. All leaders are happy to help you with gear choices and inventory setups, should you be unsure of what to bring. Hope to see you all there!
  7. After K'ril picked off most Brave & Bold, this happened! Overall: 15 splits - 7 Dragon Daggers 4 Zamorakian Spears 2 Godsword Shard 1s 2 Steam BattleStaffs Event time: 7 Hours 24 Minutes Thanks to all who came and looking forward to seeing you all in future :D
  8. ill be going to to-nights event also :D can't wait to see everyone there!!
  9. Ill be there :D ill also try to have cure runes if i can remember or be told on the day :D got a couple friends coming with me also Cant wait Dunger~~
  10. hehehe reminds me of nyan cat!

  11. First dk trip complete, 2 warrior rings, 1 d hatchet, 1 dragon med helm <-- troll drop!
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