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  1. Ok, i need a monitor for my desktop: acer L5100. I have thought since my pc brand is an Acer , that i could buy this monitor: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Acer-S240HLbid-widescreen-monitor-Backlight/dp/B005QVZ79C i want a monitor for less than 200 dollars. If you have good knowledge of monitors i would appreciate advice on: - is the acer monitor i linked a good pick? - are Acer monitors good in general? - can i get a better monitor for rougly my budget? - what companies make great monitors and why? - what companies are known for making bad monitors and why? Very important that you elaborate your advices. Thanks for reading.
  2. Yes, i made use the monitor´s cable was attached well to the adaptor, and the adaptor to the pc. I will try a other screen, and if same thing happens then it may be the adaptor or something. Depending on result i may get ride of the monitor. The monitor was from a pc i bought (HP something) - and i recall how magical technology was back then :D Still remember the different skins of Windows Media player and how magical when music played was. But i didn´t keep it because of nostalgia. THANK YOU for your replies - if you want to know how it goes when i try a other monitor be sure to check THIS post for a "EDIT", or if someone posts after me (then a new post). SOLUTION? I recently got a Samsung Synmaster 720N (17 LCC), and it seems that the problem was the monitor. And WOOOOOOW : I got like over 3 times more space with this new monitor :D Again to everyone who took interest in helping me out: thanks :)
  3. So i got this monitor for my pc: I know what you gonna say "Wtf do you live in the stone age or what?!". Yeah i know, but though i want to get ride of this monitor because of it´s gigantic size, it´s at the moment ok to use. And it´s round design kinda makes seem like not a outdated monitor (if you ask me). Anyhow that aside: I have a video cable adaptor for My acer desktop, and ... well let´s first take a look at a bigger picture of this product (the monitor): You see the TURN OFF button just below the monitor´s name? Above that button is a "light" (it lights up when monitor is on). The color is GREEN (bright green). My monitor has a problem where the color changes from Green to yellowish (as if it´s not getting enough power or something). When i turn it off and on, it stays Green and bright for a second or two - then it becomes yellowish (and not brightly yellow). And whenever this happens the monitor does not load the picture. Now this has happened before, and it was usually related to a error (i can´t remember the error message). But i managed to bypass this problem many times, by turning monitor off and on shorly, and simply pressing F1 when said error message came (and that fixed it). But now i have tried many things and the monitor is not "printing" out the picture of the boot up. And Presing F1 does´t help me any. I tried to find out why its like that: - Tried other electric outlets - Even tried extension cords I found out also that when i unplug the video cable adaptor from the video cable of the monitor - the monitor light goes back to green (healthy sign), and i hear the sound you hear when a monitor is working on putting up the picture of a cpu onto screen, not to mention the "Please connect video cable" in blue text appears on monitor screen. My conclusion is that it must be the video cable adaptor - but it looks fine. I brought a vacuum and tried to "suck" dust out of it (thought maybe that could be a factor). Still it does´t work to well. Also funny enough when i still had video cable adaptor connected to the monitor´s video cable - i pressed the adaptor´s "needles" (you know what i mean ), and the monitor sometimes went green (again that is good sign as it´s always green when its working). So i hope someone who knows about monitors can tell me why this is happening, if i have an option to fix it. I don´t want to hear "Buy a new monitor" = unless your 100% sure this isn´t fixed easily. Thank you for reading.
  4. Runescape was spoiled for me when i played because of many things, one being members Loyalty programme. Nowdays tons of other stuff has arrived that you have to spin to get. Instead of getting a exiciting cosmetic item from Treasure Trails - you now can get it by spinning = paying money. If anyone made Runescape unbearable for me it was playersbase (for not interested in improving the gameplay of the game), and Jagex (not interested in tackling important issues or listen to players). And if Jagex miracoulsely listens to players who know about bugs that can lead to duping and others, it's not because they care about the balance of Runescape, it's because they want to ensure that they don't loose potential money by players duping gold and selling it. Because they themself want to reserve that kind of business for themself. Today Soloman, Spin and Loyalty "Tomorrow" Buyable items.
  5. Considering how there are people with weak willpower who are easy to influence i wouldn't be surprised if being a troll in Gaming industry is a job. As in promote a product and bash everyone who has negative perceptions of it.
  6. I wonder if he would still love it if he actually had to pay real money to spin... As for Bax of chocolate - eat to many and you get a bad stomach.
  7. Interesting how they have written "200M players" in video and Runescape banner on site. More interesting that within 8 hours after video was uploaded announcing 200M accounts has been released, roughly 1050 players thumbs uped the comment "And how many are legit players?" Inb4RunescapeAds saying "200M players since launch!". Will never congratulate dishonest people. But to those developers or people among Jagex team that is against RWT and cares about the community: Congratulations on your achievements in making Runescape community and game better.
  8. When i think about it the whole issue of Jagex doing RWT boilds down to them betraying/lying to their customers/players or whatever people who play rs are to Jagex. If they had approached RWT of cosmetic items with Honesty i am sure the result would be different. But not only have they provided an unfair disadvantage with Loyalty members programme, they have been also dishonest about it. From another perspective (not from my perspective): Cosmetic items that are bought with real cash may give unfair advantage to rich players because poor players who like Runescape for ROLEPLAYING aspect can't afford to buy fancy cosmetic items. Again look at Traesure Trails items - why are many cosmetic items a bit expensive ? Because there are Fashion players in Runescape. So either Jagex does not know their players or they are intentionally neglecting fashion players. HONESTY - what Gaming Industry lacks.
  9. Found out that the offical Soloman store video is also made private and only those who got link to it (through RS site) can view it. So general public of Youtube don't got access to it. A outsiders look at the update may cause MORE critism towards the greedy idiots that is ruining this game. Here is a better illustration: An adult who does not play games: "50 x currency for some virtual cosmetic clothing?!!!!" An adult who plays games and in particular Runescape: "I may buy that costume it looks so nice! And all my friends have it!".
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=8Mc8comwjVU Comments of Solo man's store intro video has been disabled. Damage controll. @at Cosmetic items NOT giving any advantage: IF you consider that Runescape has been portrayed as a game for all kind of players then Soloman store and SoF is giving advantage to people with big cash. In Runescape there is a group of players you could call Fashion players. So Fashionist players in Runescape who are poor is losing out on the SoF and Soloman store items. And if there is no such thing as the group i have mentioned then Runescape player variety is not as vast as proclaimed to be. Treasure Trails is proof of Fashion players existing. P.S Talk about ripping off players with extremely priced stuff... 50 Aussie money for Assassin costume? ...
  11. Worm is a kind of virus, but is it dangerus? And what does it do? Is it a kind of a script or something that register everything that u write on the computer? I got one, need help plz :) It's comming this danger sign and it says: system infected: Worm w32. VBNA.b Activity detected
  12. and around the square is . you sure this is all your idea? Yes, it is my idea. I will elaborate by doing so spoil the fight. I also got new stuff. Armoured Jad is just a alias for TzTok- Bro (just name for now). TzTok-Bro is brother of TzTok-Jad. After killing TzTok-Jad you will be told this by Fight cave host: "You have killed TzTok-Jad. Do you want to stay in cave or explore? I hear a new cave has emerged inside of Fight cave!" You stay and look for cave entrance, find it and enter. BATTLE with TzTok-bro AKA Armoured Jad: right when you go into cave he will attack you. When you attack back you hit 0s. You will notice he has a grey looking shell around him. This is his armour. The way to take off his armour is use ice spells from ancient spell book. After TzTok-Bro's armour has been taken down to 50% lava creatures similar to level 22 creatures x2 after lvl 45 dies emerges from lava pools that are in corners. It's random which corner and 1-2 will come out every 5-10 seconds. Lava creatures goal is to reach Tztok-bro, and if one of them does it will strengthen TzTok-Bro's armour by 50%. At 50% armour TzTok-Bro's defense will be high and your attacks will do 1/3 of your max damage. At 100% He's immune to attacks. If you succeed to keep up with lava creatures spawning every 5-10 seconds and stop them from strengthening TzTok-Bro and at same time lowering TzTok-Bro's hp, then healers will appear at half hp. However, these healers heal twice the rate as TzTok-Jad's. And that's the battle of Armoured Jad. It could be a decent addition to Fight cave.
  13. Got a spesific equipment setup in mind? And what about statius warhammer (wud that intefere)?
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