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  1. I got my first 99 for the cape, second for the trim, 3rd I don't really remember even but it was not for the recognition, it was wc after all, 4th for beautiful cape :3, 5th for another pretty cape, 6th for Gps, 7th to get pretty cape with the gps I earned during getting 6th cape, 8th to test my limits, 9-16(?) to make my character epic and to gain recognition. I mean, how goddamn pretty are these stats: 17-24 to gain shit ton of total levels to a relatively short period of time( 2188-2376 was probably the highest levels per day ratio in a long term since 1800 total or so :P)+ access to HLF which was pretty awesome back when I gained access there, it only turned shit after dg came out and this kind of dg elitism came around. Dg to be maxed again and to gain epic recognition from noobs. (with mah pmod crown it was so good :3 ) Yeah I had pretty low self esteem back then being recognized by random people over the internet made me feel better about myself :P
  2. I know some 13-year-olds who are maxed.
  3. 2/196 There's also the problem that you can really never be certain of where players are from unless you ask themselves. But if someone is willing to find out and write down all those players then sure, go ahead :P E: Well I might as well stop whining and try to contribute a bit. Here's some of Finland's top players. I don't claim this list to be accurate as I don't know every Finnish player, I might forget some F2P's and I'm not aware of the latest namechanges as I haven't logged on for around 3 months. 1. SUOMI #1 2. TG (F2P) 3. Delta 81 #30 4. Scl #38 5. Somebodyy #66 6. The Mehukas #76 7. X Pjimp X #111 8. Arska #166 9. Sonatahumala #189 10. Zamorak61 #236 As said before Allar is Estonian but lives (at least when I last talked to him) in Finland. X Pjimp X has 2 2496 accounts but the other is ranked around 1300 or so.
  4. You mean you want to know where the top 10 players are from? Because that sounds like you wanted to know the top 10 players of all of the 196-or-so countries.
  5. I was in Malta when my friend called me from Finland to tell me that :D Good times.
  6. 408k xp/h if d stones are 660k/h. Black d'hide bodies are 450k/h. As a side note, diamonds are 516k/h. Idk about the trade limits.
  7. Oh god this last page :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Good stuff. OT: SUOMI #1 etc.
  8. I'd like to see you try to do 150m Agility Xp and 150m Fishing Xp in 150 days lmao. It'd be double that minimum even if he was nolifing 90-100 hours/week consistently. He probably meant in-game days. 150 days as in 3600 hours of rs.
  9. Zarfot would have caught him in hours left. At the pace with which Zafort was going though slayer (If someone wants to look up Suomi's slayer gains and Zarfot's and then call me out saying "Suomi was going like 45% faster than Zarfot" Keep in mind that Zarfot was using his effigies on Runecrafting). He would have benefited much more than Suomi in hours saved by effigies since he had all effigy combos open with the slower skill open as well. This isn't really an advantage in itself since that means that Suomi had these slower skills already done, but Zarfot would have been done with slayer and all combat before the effigy nerf so he could have exploited crawlers to their fullest extent. He also quit with a 36m base, that means that would have had like a 80m base by the time he was done with crawlers. I am confident Zarfot would have caught Suomi in hours left to 200m by now. I would like to say that it would be close though. We would be having a battle right now for the last 1b xp. Are you sure that open effigy combos would have made up for the hours he spent less per day than SUOMI in rs. IIRC Zarfot played for around 6 hours per day whereas SUOMI has been consistently playing at around 8-12 hours per day.
  10. Never heard of that. Does he have a YouTube channel? Or some kind of evidence :o? I doubt he has YT channel. He has always stayed away from the spotlight as far as I know. You could try adding him in game, tho I doubt he has private on, on either of the accs.
  11. Sensei/X Pjimp X are the same player. He has had 2 max accs for like a year or two now I believe.
  12. i feel sorry for you if you think an email like "[email protected]" is serious oh he got 200m constitution btw grats Exactly my thoughts. I didn't see the vid early enough to see which gmail address he put on the description tho. Maybe he put his actual one, idk. I'd like to believe he was joking, the SUOMI fanboy I am.
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