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  1. Some people just have to use low spec pc's PIU - they cost money and its a recession
  2. randoms are a useful way to disrupt cheats they might be less annoying if the rewards went up every time you had one, so eventually you might get barrows for free!
  3. ADVERTISER: Virgin media LANDING URL: http://shop.virginmedia.com/broadband/up-to-50mb.html?buspart=VirginMediaFebruaryDR2012Cable&TribalFusion TYPE: Top Banner and Side Banner SITE: 50Mb broadband/Shift2Unleashed MY LOCATION: UK REASON: The Flash movie loop is more than distracting - the flashing images make me feel queasy Can the TipIt webteam consider offering a 'Close Advert' button for registered members? This means that we can read the ad, then focus on following the guidance information while playing Runescape without a maddening series of flashes in the peripheral vision - its possible the virgin ad is breaking epilepsy guidelines. Love your site, should have joined up before - shame its to enable a complaint
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