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  1. He isn't wearing his Silverhawk Boots.
  2. I'm fairly sure he does have them based on his pms in Alkan's videos on the release of the boots plus his consistent daily agility gains alongside other skills that wouldn't be possible at his play time per day by doing the skills seperately.
  3. Didn't Dragonseance get 5 200ms already a couple months back?
  4. Exactly 0 gp Well, except for the part where he did rocktails for 200m. I'm almost certain he cooked them immediately after though. I don't imagine that money has gone anywhere since though.
  5. GEMEOS IS GUTHIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I certainly hope its more than just 50 000 times as sadistic as that sounds, but it is a relatively low amount of actions compared to most other skills. (i consider an action as the act of getting exp in this case, not clicks)
  7. well alkan your days played for maxing your second account was like 71 days or so right? from what i remember in your progress videos you tended to use expensive methods to train buyables at a reasonable speed. im not sure how much time it would take to get the additional 21 dg levels doing only daily challenges but i dont think it would amount to anything near 29 days play time. going off that i will just guess it would take 9 days worth of 5 min challenges to level 99-120 dg and do the rest of the comp cape requirements. that would still leave 20 days left to do a combination of making money and welfare skilling to get the buyables to 99. it doesnt seem impossible or very 'hard.' the most challenging part of it i would see is not wasting the time that is counted towards 'playing' i also realize the 71 days includes the time you spend training your buyables. by the time you finished the non buyable skills on a fresh account it would logically be lower and you would have more time to start training them using the money you had accumulated over the course of finishing off the non buyables :P. also some things got faster of course.
  8. Gemeos if you want more numbers for charm sprites i got 962 caught in an hour 192 679 exp after 1k catches (http://runetracker.org/track-lunistrellla,22,1) 12 gold 41 green 81 crimson 71 blue i didnt keep track of how many mystical slices i got since they were all just converted into blues anyways
  9. i think its safe to assume so. he usually does buyables like that when he has everything ready to go straight to 200m
  10. jake is tezzer123 almostlost was runeninja99 or something like that chilly is sushidame
  11. anyone know how close drumgun can get to 200m craft before needing more money? i asked him a while ago in lrc and he said under 200m gp. couldve had some items banked for it, but if not he sure stretched that money pretty far.
  12. @dragonseance im not too sure how many loyalty points a person could possibly have right now, so this question may come a bit too early, but assuming you or someone you know has any of the new skilling auras, are they as effective as your math suggests?
  13. not that suomi would use loyalty points on it, but once he or anyone else gets 16 200m skills, do you think if someone tried using jot it would no longer be possible? im doubting it but if someone with a 200m stat on this thread tries it out and uses their 200m stat as one of the 10 then i guess it would be possible
  14. Thank you very much. i almost feel like jake will stop somewhere in the 190m range for wc and switch over to jainko lair for fm. i believe the ratio is like 1:10 wc to fm. but i could always be wrong since burning magics is the faster option by a bit. only time will tell. also i know this isnt the place for it but is there any way to quote only a specific section of a post without erasing the bits you dont want like i just did?
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