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  1. Hi all, I am owner of a RuneScape clan, all ppl come from Holland or Belguim and our clantime is GMT+1, but on 25 March we set the clock one hour faster. Now we must change the time to GMT+2, is it a option to enable DST in RuneScape for clans? I hope you understand me.
  2. I need one more clue, where I find it? That's all.
  3. Hi, I am sucked on the quest One Piercing note, I need one more clue, but I can't find it, what must I do?
  4. Yes, that thing what you can use to move mouse.
  5. The mousepad of my Notebook isn't working. Acer Aspire 5336 I got a disk with programs on it like network card (to install), maybe can I use that?
  6. I got the same problem, but I got now conlost.
  7. No, it don't posion you. You say something and then nothing.. Rofl. Missing wall = New doorway?
  8. See the screens; I think, what the [bleep].
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