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  1. You clearly don't understand what micro means. Micro does not care which is most macroly efficient. ANY method can be micro'd, unless it's 100% afk lol.so macro > micro because you need less time for achieving 200m all.micro is just more worth for people who think the way like you think. It's the same thing as it's always better to afk 100% for an hr a day while doing rl stuff rather then logging off maybe not in the end playtime, but you still were getting xp, more then if you care about micro so, macro > micro. and don't trying to tell me that micro is more worth yeah maybe for someone who thinks playing a game is "working and achieving hard stuff" but in the end drumgun who afked most of his skill is still rank 1 lol even if he needed more time
  2. micro = sof 'cause it's most efficient
  3. Yrah i knowsorry for that but i had to say something 'cause it really pisses mr off if someone saying things like they're doing hard achievements If i'm not allowed to say something against it, then the other side shouldn't be allowed to say things for it (like jebrim and many other does) Better just keep silence about it at all and with that post i stop posting things about that. Atleast until someone says again things like hard achievement etc. good night and merry christmas again i didn't wanted to be mean, i just made a statement of my opinion. Sorry if someone felt attacked better don't care about me and go for xp i'm just a guy achieving things in reallife i shouldn't be here anyway have a nice "life" everyone
  4. You can't compare achieving goals in a game with achieving things like writing bachelor or do an apprentorship, yes it's trur that they 'would' have what it takes 'cause they can grind for months (and sadly... years) but i bet that almost no one of the top players have something like a real job/apprentorship or even finished university. and if you think about it what will get your far in life, playing runescape for over 20'000 hrs with quitting school (which is a common fact that many players did this) or studying/working for 20'000 hours? But after all, it's not my life, i can't judge them because of this. i'm just sure that i wouldn't ever be able to live on the cost of someone (mostly the parents) just because i wanna play a game cause of addiction. it's like a junky, wasting cash and in the end he has nothing won with the drug. But still he thinks that, that what he does is "right" because they enjoy it. (And i know quite many junkies so i totally know what i'm talking about) Both is unhealthy, damages the social life and in the end you're just dead and have nothing achieved. and in both categories they don't think like that. best example, when suomi quitted before 200m all he said that the game has destroyed his life, even if it was a great time, that's the samr thing which junkies are saying. but he came back and started enjoying it again. that's the same what junkies are saying. so, is it really an achievement playing for 15 hrs a day rather then going far in real life? I wouldn't be proud of sitting on my ass for 15 hrs calling my mom to bring food becsuse i don't wanna waste xp and then telling someone i'm working hard but they don't even lift. Lol best example is jebrim, he thinks he is a highly rated person because he spent over 15000 hrs training agility which does'nt take an effort, yeah i know i wouldn't be able to do that. But if i would be, i would TOTALLY NOT be proud of that. The only exceptions are the youtubers, 'cause it's their work. The community of rs is [bleep]ed up nowadays lol it's really sad reading this thread and see what game junkies are thinking of their addiction. Merry christmas, if anyone is celebrating this i know it's xp waste (that's what suomi said 2 years ago)
  5. Not true. I respect the most work that was put into one's achievements. If you spent your RuneScape career nolifing your ass off doing slow non-afkables, I'll respect that much more than people who did easy afkable and fast skilling. Also the amount of time put in plays a big role too.yeah because with a rs career you can get realy far in life at least from the chair to the kitchen for getting some food, or like most of nolifers who live at home with an age of 24 noliving rs, letting their parents work hard to afford their son/daughter while they "enjoy" clicking on a screen. and the joke of this is, that they're really much people who think this way, which is really sad.... but that's way to off topic lets talk about how good most people are cause of efficiency and how bad some others are because they afk the game while studying for a bit less xp but for a rl career and not clicking on the computer achieving totally nothing in life.... oh wait, many rd players think they're achieving something :D Which is sad too. and yeah i know, it's not the best english but i think anyone will get this because of my name
  6. It is really a shame that you can train agility with 100k xp/hr while almost every skill. but thats how it is. money was always a factor to keep a game alive and it will always be. It doesn't even make sense to hate on them it won't change a thing.. so well... back to topic: Anyone knows if drumgun quit? Alog didn't change since 28th of July. but he got lucky recieving 10m from the sofscaping. :D
  7. Roger al can warband farming and tree runs for 700k xp a day and 200 days isn't really bad he could be 4th to 200m all
  8. Would be interesting to see forsbergs playtime. it could be way lower then most of the top 20, because of so many bxps Even if he did graahk rc for about 3k hours, he boosted much via spins/keys.
  9. This is going to be really off-topic post but I thought I would make one more post about this lol. Lmao I know I keep saying many times I wouldn't post here much anymore but been very rainy days here lately and I ended up reading this thread again. Doesn't really help talking about these things that happened in the past since there is no way for me to change what has happened in the past but I will make sure not to repeat the same mistakes again. Honestly I promise this will be last post about this drama haha, isn't helping me either to keep going on and on about it. I know you were just stating facts and wasn't expecting me to reply but I thought I would anyway. What you said is so true. I try to avoid thinking about it but all that drama etc. that happened when I was about to hit 5B Xp but to be honest it still kills me even though it was so long time ago. People still remind me about it always when I log in to rs and of course it was all my fault. I messed it all up big time, I still think about it often and wish I did things differently. I am happy it all happened though, not saying I am happy about the things I said about Jagex though. I have thought about deleting all the videos many times but I decided not to so people know what really happened, people still ask me about it often and wonder what really happened. I have asked many Jagex mods if there is anything I could do to make up for it but there isn't really anything I can do. I really had to get rid of my rs addiction, it was really harming my life and I know what I did wasn't the best way to do it lol. Not going to write my whole life story here but basically since I have born I have witnessed people ruin so many things because of money, not just talking about games. I have spent lots of time in Lapland during my whole life and it's crazy how much it has changed during my life, people have destroyed it so much and of course I understand why people do it. People need to make money and develop, we can't just go back to the stone age lol. I probably wouldn't have survived during the stone age anyway lmao, so got to be happy about it at the same time too. But yeah anyway rs was a way for me to escape all these things people are doing to the world. Of course it wasn't the best way to deal with it lol, I should have just faced the reality and learn to deal with it some other way. Of course I know I haven't done anything to make the world better either, especially when I was playing rs. I did some really stupid things, I shouldn't have let rs addiction take over me like that. I know this isn't the right place to post about things like this rofl, totally off-topic but I just hope people can understand why I hated on Jagex like I did. It was so stupid, I guess I was just so frustrated with what people are doing to this world and decided to take it on Jagex lol. When you think about the big picture Jagex isn't that bad at all, they created the game that was a safe haven for me for so many years. I have met some of the most amazing people here. I don't know if Finnish society is just different from others but here it's very hard to approach strangers but on rs it's so much easier to get to know people. Of course it has it's downsides too. But overall it was really amazing experience for me. I often think if I could have done something to make rs better if I didn't hate on Jagex and happened to have that 5b xp party and all that. But probably not since I was too stuck with all the nostalgia and my foreign english wasn't really helping it either lol. Also I don't really like attention so if I would have livestreamed the 5b xp party I would have been really bothered about it to be honest, I really hated when people used to spam around me so I had no chance to answer everyone. I didn't intentionally ruin the 5b xp party though but looking back to the things I did Jagex did the right thing of course. I really hope that people can leave all those stupid things I did to the past and understand why I had to leave rs behind. Honestly I hope that people won't try to lessen Drumgun's or anyone elses achievement when they hit 200m all skills, nobody can understand how much effort they really had to put to their skills to get where they are now. All of those current top players had to put so much effort in their skills. I had pleasure to know most of them even before free trade. I have known Dragonseance since the release of slayer and he is a really nice guy, you can't really judge top players for using the methods jagex is giving players. Of course you can judge them if you want lol but I can understand it easily. I remember Forsberg888 used to come donate me max trade sometimes when I was still going for 200m mining at lrc haha. Paperbag and G0d vs d3vil, I don't know even from where to start. I can still remember how Paperbag insprised me to post here and do the tip.it interview too, of course so many other people helped me with that too. I remember how G0d vs d3vil used to pay me a visit sometimes when I training 200m hunter and I was really struggling with finding the motivation to play rs anymore. Haha I remember he gave me some donations before free trade too lol. Can't forget about Alkan either, I was huge alkan wannabe if you ever watched my videos lol. I probably should have tried to be myself instead but my videos would have been so boring and I really loved to joke around with him. Will be amazing to see all these people hit 200m all skills if they decide to do it. I don't mean to make it sound like I only talked to famous people, I answered like 40k messages on youtube when people had all kinds of random questions. I really tried my best to interact with people as much as I could, it was really hard sometimes when people tried to crash me all the time etc. But yeah that's enough about me, I haven't gained xp in so long time now and I have nothing to do with this thread anymore. I know some people wonder why I even post here anymore but I don't want people to forget that I really appreciated all the help/support and everything people did to make the rs experience I had so much better, even those who were judging me helped me to learn from my mistakes even though it took me very long lmao. Those experiences will be with me for the rest of my life and maybe 10 years from now I can just laugh at all those silly things I did. I probably won't be on comp much during this summer but huge gratz to Drumgun on hitting 5,2b in advance. I really hope everything works well for him, it's not easy being happy with Jagex when you have spent so much time on this game. I promise this will be my last post about all this drama lol, I will resist posting next time haha ;) Tbh I am surprised some people even bother to read my walls of text :P great post :Di think everyonr who talked atleast once to you without flaming knows that you appreciated what so many peoples did for you. And you've hold your promise, you reached 200m all so you can move on. You did what you "had to do". Ignore all the idiots who are flaming you. Mostly they don't even know you. Have fun in real life and don't come back to this thread. Will be healthier for you ;) Edit: lol forgot to admit you also put hard work into 200m all so definately every flamer can stfu OT: time left for drumgun and fors pls? I think drum will reach 200m all by the coming month.
  10. Drumgun should achieve 200m smithing tomorrow A 180m smith month record :o quite insane How can it be possible to end a sc game in 1m40secs? Mass clan? Also, can anyone really confirm that forsberg bought so much bxp? i mean of course it isn't really possible without bxp to get 2b xp yearly but did he really bought so much?
  11. Watch out for 10m+ smith xp daily once drumgun has enough points
  12. Lol anyone notice that fors has got 100m+ xp in almost every skill in the past year? So it's almost possible to reach 5b xp in about 2.5 years. It's sick to see that you can warband mining to 200m xp in less then 2 years with about 15 min effort daily lol. i played 7 years and didn't even had 250m overall xp lol ( but i had a playtime of almost 280 days lol... efficiency expert) edit: and i consider suomi for the most efficient player, because he played 12 hrs per day and he was getting about 12 hrs daily on gemeos calc aswell. Somrtimes even more. and the calc is abased on most efficient methods so yeah.. pretty awesome lol. drowns is also a beast, especially because he shows his efficiency on videos (which also foot and zarfot did and as anyone know, they're well known for efficiency) Dragonseance is efficient aswell because he's one of the only ones who's doing every daily. And in bonusdailyscape the dailies are the most efficient way.
  13. Does anyone know if drumgun has 200m smithing banked?
  14. I bet all the bxp that dseance has should put him down to less than 4000 hrs which is a bit more than a year could it be that we'll have more than 5 peoples at 5b+ xp in about a year? Quite amazing lol
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