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  1. Yes, there would be cosmetic rewards for those who prestige. Actually, right now, there is no point to train a skill past 99 except for HIghscore ranks. With the Prestige system, there will be still somewhat no point to it except to show off but at least you will feel like you're progressing.
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QfJ9kwAPQHY
  3. Yeah, I know. I was about to put that exception in my post when I was writing it but I realized that it's not really an exception. They removed Free Trade and Wildy without listening to players and stayed firm with their decision. It's only years later, when Jagex wanted to put it back, that they did it.
  4. First, I want to say that this thread is very interesting. :thumbsup: As far as I know, Jagex never removed an update in the past, no matter how mad were the players. This means that the current SoF update is probably going to stay. Trying to convince them to change that will lead to nothing. What would you guys think about an option to say, in the Quick Chat, if you have bought spins? QC: I (have/have never) bought extra spins. I don't think Jagex would be against that since it doesn't change anything for them. Actually, the ultimate goal with this is would be to convince Jagex to move that information in the player's Adventure Log. That way, fansites could track who's legit and who's not and make real highscores. Do you think this could be possible?
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