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  1. Jake would definitely have been up there if he would still be playing :s
  2. I tried the client. Figured out its my Isp thanks guys.
  3. Don't log just in case, see if you can load another Rs page and what does it say the player count is? Idk may be something to do with my Internet
  4. Thank you so much for the reply! Still unable to load the website..
  5. Not sure where to post this so please move if needed but is RS down for anyone else? Can't even load the homepage. Just wondering if it is something only on my end or if any others are experiencing the same thing.
  6. To make it "exciting" again there will have to be some new skills released, and more than one tbh. Would be a nice change up for Jagex to release mutliple skills at once lol. I know it will never probably happen, but I would welcome it.
  7. Looks like Crystalfarm is going to be there first after all.
  8. Roger al will finish first, he is like 4 days away
  9. From just looking at their gains and skills left, I think Alkan will beat him to 200m all.
  10. Alkan posted a video with all of them pretty much already, and no way Fors beats Drumgun unless I am missing something because he's low fish.. how many hours are they apart at the moment?
  11. He's getting smith bonus from SC. That can't be even close to efficient? Or how much bonus xp is it per hour? it's 200khr if you're running with a 5v5 squad but since it's drumgun he's using fast sc lol which are 12 min games Are you just assuming he's using Fast SC? Or is it confirmed? Because they aren't able to run games 24/7, so if he was using Fast SC, he'd have more than a 2m week, assuming he'd skill in the dead hours or maybe he's just only playing during the times when it's active. Took me 2 seconds to join Fast SC and see drumgun in there :P
  12. Doesn't seem like he would be doing that.. if he were smart at all really..
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