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  1. Congratz Levine. Your making some serious and impressive progress?
  2. I think we should just the Official RS Client for the time being! EDIT: Woops Didnt see that things were back under control
  3. It has been exactly a week now since I started this blog and this account. I'm actually fairly disappointed at my progress but considering I havent logged into this account too much It isn't that bad I suppose. To start with I have been fishing today. This is the result of that (Missed the screenshot like a derp) Now that I have got 50 fishing. I will be getting 70 fishing to gain some cash back. After I have done that I will also be doing most of the F2P Quests and some Members Quests I will also be training Agility to at least 40 and maby rushing some c1 solo dungeons. I am also going to get the stats required for the Explorers Ring 3 and get that soon. Apart from getting some levels up for quests I won't be doing too much combat in the next few weeks. I want to get some of the Non-CB Skills knocked out. I also plan on doing a little bit of farming whilst fishing because in the first 18/20 levels I will be in Catherby. I want to get 55 Crafting A.S.A.P too. I have gained about 1 Million XP this week. Im not sure about the week starting tomorrow, but the week after I am on holiday from school and will have ALOT of free time to play runescape and I am hoping for some Major gains =)
  4. Fiiishing! For a bit then I'll make a end of week 1 comparisson post.
  5. Also finished all of the Burthorpe/Taverly Tasks. Going to so some short noob quests and start doing easy lumbridge tasks. Also some more slayer probably too. =)
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