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  1. So here I am with the second weekly update! (Over the top enthusiasm in the hopes some people are actually reading :P) Very productive this week and I am near completing the first goal I set for myself. I have only 3 more skills to get to 50 and my prayer to get to 30. After I do that I think I will try and do as many of the F2P tasks just for some quick money and then consider buying membership. Anyway here is the skill increases for this week :) Constitution: Raised from 43 to 48 Attack: Raised from 40 to 44 Strength: Raised from 46 to 50 Ranged: Raised from 26 to 42 Prayer: Raised from 28 to 29 Magic: Raised from 40 to 50 Dungeoneering: Raised from 12 to 14 Mining: Raised from 40 to 50 Smithing: Raised from 45 to 51 Fishing: Raised from 43 to 50 Cooking: Raised from 45 to 52 Firemaking: Raised from 46 to 55 Woodcutting: Raised from 41 to 50
  2. That's awesome, I have only saw Pendulum live, though I saw them twice :P Favourite Skrillex song/songs?
  3. Nice job, I see your from the UK and love Skrillex, good combination! Haha :)
  4. Good luck with your goal, I hope you make it! 99 farming will be a great accomplishment so keep at it :)
  5. So, here is my first weekly update, and it has been a reasonably productive week I would say. Firstly, I finished Dragon Slayer and so now can finally where my Rune platebody and have the ability to wear my Green Dragon hide chest piece when I reach 40 Ranged (woo!). I also decided to complete the Stronghold of Security and venture through the Stronghold of Player Safety. I netted myself some snazzy multicoloured boots and a couple of exp lamps which I used to gain some Dungeoneering exp. Skill wise, I managed to raise my Crafting to 50 by smelting a large amount of Silver bars and crafting tiara's with them. This also raised my Smithing from 40 to 45 which was a nice bonus. As of now I am slowly increasing my other skills. Here is the skills I have increased over my first week: Constitution: Raised from 40 to 43 Strength: Raised from 40 to 46 Defense: Raised from 40 to 44 Ranged: Raised from 22 to 26 Prayer: Raised from 26 to 28 Dungeoneering: Raised from 6 to 12 (Courtesy of exp lamps!) Crafting: Raised from 34 to 50 Cooking: Raised from 44 to 45 (Honestly cannot remember doing this :S) Smithing: Raised from 40 to 45
  6. Ha ha awesome! I wish I lived in America, I want nothing more than to go see an NFL game once in my life :P
  7. Runescape username: Connaire Hey everybody and welcome to my new blog! The whole purpose of this is to show my progress through F2P and the eventual transition to me becoming a member. Before I begin though, let me just say that this is not my first Runescape account but I am back playing again after a 2 year hiatus on a fresh account. That being said, lets see what my stats are at the moment and what my eventual goals are! :D About Me: I am an 18 year old guy living in the UK. I love video games and American Football (New York Giants all the way!). I am extremely easy going and laid back and love having people to talk to while playing Runescape, feel free to add me :) My Initial Stats: Constitution: 40 Attack: 40 Strength: 34 Defense: 40 Ranged: 22 Magic: 40 Prayer: 26 Dungeoneering: 6 Runecrafting: 50 Crafting: 34 Mining: 40 Smithing: 40 Fishing: 43 Cooking: 44 Firemaking: 46 Woodcutting: 41 Agility: 1 Herblore: 1 Construction: 1 Thieving: 1 Fletching: 1 Slayer: 1 Hunting: 1 Farming: 1 Summoning: 1 As you can see fairly mediocre at the moment :( I have finished all F2P quests besides Dragon Slayer. My Current Goals: Still attempting to achieve 50 in all F2P skills besides Prayer and Dungeoneering, have finished all F2P quests! :D Ongoing Weekly Stats: [spoiler=Week 1] [spoiler=Week 2]
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