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  1. Dude you havent even maxed so what are you on about?
  2. Pafectionest's Combat Journal Hey Everyone, I Have Decided To Make A Combat Journal Showing All My Acievements And Everything To Do With My Combat, As Of Today "Thursday 24th Of June" I Started Training My Combat As I Got Bored Of Skilling And I Wanted To Try Something New. Just To Let You Followers Know I Had Previously Trained Prayer As I Planned On Being A Prayer Pure For Some Reason But That Is Why I Have 51 Prayer. Goals: I Have Set A Few Goals For Myself At The Moment And They Will Be Updated Every Few Days Depending If I Have Completed Them Or Have Found New Goals I Would Like To Work Towards. My Current Goals Are: 60 Strength 60 Attack 60 Defence As You Can See Im Currently Working On My Melee Type As That Is My Most Prefered Type Of Combat, Range Is My Second Prefered And To Be Honest I Really Really Hate Magic :P [spoiler=Thursday 24th Of June-Day 1]I Have Just Started Strength On A Few Cows And Goblins At Around 8:50 Pm And Finished Around 9:20 Pm And Have Found That I Have Been Leveling Quite Easily Because Of The Claws And Even My Prayer Helps With The Strength Bonus. Im Really Liking Combat As Its Completely Different To Skilling All The Time, It Gives A Change To What Im Use To Doing All The Time. Its Just A Relief To Get Away From All That Boringness From Fishing And Woodcutting :|
  3. Hey Everyone, I Just Bought A Membership Card Today And Im Not Sure If I Should Use It Right Now Or Should I Get My Stats Up To Help? Thanks Pafectionest
  4. Welcome To Chill Out Zone! Introduction Chill Out Zone Is A New Clan And We Are Always Recruiting.There Are No Requirements At All, This Is Mainly A Chat Clan Theres No Events You Are Required To Do Unless You Would Like To Join In. We Currently Have Around 15 Members In This New Clan And Everyone Loves A Chat And Always Helps Out When Someone Ask's For It. So If You Would Like To Join Just Post Underneath Here And Ill Reply As Soon As Possible Rules No Swearing In Clan Chat No Racism We Strongly Encourage No Botting No Spamming Always Listen To Owner And Co-Owner Aswell As All Of Jagex's Rules If You Break Any Of Theese Rules And The Owner And Co-Owner Catch You Doing It We Will Automatically Put A Strike Against Your Name. Once You Reach 3 Strikes Against Your Name You Get Kicked Automatically, No Questions Asked About It. We Always Encourage You To Follow All The Rules In Our Clan Aswell As Jagex's Set Rules
  5. I Agree With Star Its Just So Weird And It Doesnt Fit Into The Game At All, Personally I Think That Would Make Some People Who Like Fantasy And Old Time Kinda Stuff Quit. I Joined Runescape Because I Liked The Old Time Sword Fighting And Ranged And I Think Guns Would Ruin It All
  6. Hey Everyone, I was just wondering what some good pker ideas would be, just have in mind that im f2p and i already have 51 prayer. I was thinking that i might get 50-60 prayer and maybe 50+defence? it would be a good tank but im not sure about how i would go offenceivly Thanks Pafectionest
  7. So this is why it wasnt working for me earlier i was kinda raging because i thought it was our crappy internet :P
  8. Thanks this helped me wether to choose to do it or not, I have decided to do it once all my non combat skills get to level 50-60 because if i do that it will be likely when i start combat i wont be very concerned about skilling like you said i currently have acces to only half or maybe even less of runescapes gameplay and its also a good money maker. Thanks Heaps Pafectionest
  9. Hey Everyone, I Need Your Help To Choose Wether I Stay A Skiller Or Should I Start Doing Combat I Know I Have The Money And Prayer Level To Do Stuff As I Have 2m+ To Spend And Have 51 Prayer But I Just Can Decide Wether I Should Or Not :| Im Truely Truely Stuck On My Decison So Someone PLEASE HELP ME CHOOSE! :(
  10. Hey Pafectionest Here, I Have A Few Question That I Need Help With Thanks In Advance, What Are A Few Good Money Making Ideas? What Skill Should I Most Level To Make Money? What Are The Most Needed Skills In The Game? Is G.O.P A Good Money Maker?
  11. Welcome Hope You Have A Great Time At Tip It I Just Started Not Long Ago Myself :)
  12. Dude this is my main and only account :P i will eventually make it a main in my own time
  13. thanks for all your money making tips i decided to do fishing for a bit but know im doing the runespan thingy :)
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