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  1. Well, this is awkward... I wont play runescape (note: RUNESCAPE; not "this account". I wont be playing on my main neither) for a while because I'm trying to immerse myself in japanese because I don't want to *learn* japanese, but to *know* japanese; *be* japanese (minus the ethnicity and stuff, of course) :P So, cya in a while when I come back!
  2. Day #8 Started the day by getting 50 fletching, and then I went to do a "farm run" and I got my next total level milestone! :D Just got 25 agility! Think I'll take a small break from rs and do other stuff now; was watching dragon ball and finished it, and now I'm trying to watch dragon ball z but I can't find any website that works that has the sub, it's all the stupid dub :( Oh well, will look more, it's impossible that there isn't a single one on the web! EDIT found one :D I just realised I don't need a bullseye lantern thing, I can just use an oil lamp... Well, that'S 2 requirements out of the way XD Well, it still does explose and extinguish but... I'll just bring lotsa food, not like I have to go there for a long time at once :P Got my first clue (easy) from minotaurs (slayer task)! Will post a picture of the reward when it's done. :) Well that was a very bad reward. Oh well. Wow, the task RIGHT AFTER the minotaurs is... minotaurs! And I get another clue! XD Hopefully that one is better... Well damn, it requires an emerald ring and sapphire necklace.. Guess it'll have to wait until I get another gold bar idk how, or until I get 40 smithing so I can smelt it :P Night for now, don't feel like playing runescape tonight :)
  3. Thanks! Day #7 Started by getting 60 runecrafting, now back to chaos druids for a bit :) I finally have 30+ in all melee skills and 40 combat :D I think I'll get level 30 ranged and magic (currently 18 and 27 respectively) at chaos druids and then I'll be done with them for a while hehe DONE!! Now I feel like playing xbox again so I will... yep, you've guessed it; fish/cook & wc/fm/fletch! Oh, you thought I was gonna say runespan? Pfft I'm not like that! :P Got to 48 fletching, 50 firemaking and 57 woodcutting.. Picture of my stats tomorrow since I'll reach a new total level milestone ;)
  4. Hmm I'Ve never heard of this method; I'll give it a try thanks! EDIT: Appreciate the suggestion, but I'll probably stick with chaos druids. They seem a bit better combat training wise, and they drop way more herbs + that ranarr spawn. :P Will still go try it for herblore training thing you talked about though, not quite sure what it is but I'll just look it up :P EDIT #2: Really haven't played so far today because I've been trying to reduce my rs playtime by actually putting my other hobbies / stuff I *have* to do before runescape, so I've been afking on my main while I do these stuff (which atm is learning japanese :P)... although I am starting to consider quitting my main for this account *for a while*, not forever, although I'm not sure.. I do have more fun on this account but I have so much stuff on my main that I really don't know... think I will for a month or so :P Day #6 I've killed a bit of chaos druids this morning and will continue later but right now I feel like playing xbox, so I will go afk some runespan! Will help me train magic since I'll be able to make more runes after getting a few levels :D Yet another total level milestone :D I'm now level 54 runecrafting, feel like playing runescape; so back to killing chaos druids haha, I'm addicted to them :o ^ Actually felt like watching anime so I went back to runespan after not too long haha, I'm now level 58 runecrafting. :)
  5. Day #5 Started the day by finishing up dungeoneering; got to level 15 (easier way to mine and bank iron ores ftw!). After that I went runespanning a bit to get to 27 runecrafting but in the meantime I got this! So after getting 27 runecrafting (actually 31 because I wasn't paying attention and went over it) it was time for magic. I had about 600 mind runes and water runes from the wicked hood so I've been using them. about 160 left of each and I'm up from level 10 to 21, and I need to get 27. WIll need to make more runes but oh well it shouldn't take too long! 27 Magic down! For now I'll take a small break while I decide what to do next :P Decided for hunter! Need 27; but since at 29 I can switch to swamp lizards I'll get to 29 instead. :D *years later* Finally got it! Now I need 49 smithing and crafting, 25 slayer, 10 farming, and I want to get to 40 combat at least... Really though I don't think I need that high of a smithign and crafting , it'S just that I wanted to get a bullseye lantern instead of just a candle since those can blow up gas and that would be annoying and stuff... but it would also take quite a while to get just for the novice quests so idk :P For now though! I'm heading to the ressource dungeon in edgville to train comabt on these chaos druids! I'm gonna get some of dem herbs so I can train herblore a little bit :)
  6. Wow man, just read all of your progress and damn you're going soooo quickly! So much that at first I thought you weren't the guy racing runar to quest cape and that I had found the wrong person haha! Great job!
  7. Congratulations! :D I've seen in one of your pictures that you train construction by making flatpacks.. is there any benifits to doing that? I will soon have to train construction too so I was wondering :D
  8. Day #4 Started with some thieving.. This was annoying to get but I finally got it! Master Farmers ftw! Time to go thieve even more and get some seed and hopefully finally be able to start farming a little bit haha. First though, I got to 40 fishing and cooked the fishes, and now I'm getting construction up a little bit.. Just got this! I made a list with the skill requirements for all novice quests I haven't done yet + requirements to get the items.. So now I'm gonna get those! Some of them (IE 49 firemaking) aren't actually a NEED, but it will make some easier and stuff like that... :P That being said; Just got 2 skills out of the way! 49 firemaking and 25 construction. Next: I don't actually know hehe, I will go start dungeoneering possibly and train some skills as much as I can in there and see how that goes :D My first 50+ skill! :D Realised though that with my levels skiling in DG is really worthless so for now I'll just train dungeoneering for DG and combat.. but mainly to get access to some useful ressource dungeons :) (although not needed for novice quests, I'd like to get everything up a bit)
  9. Day #3 So far I've been training slayer, got to 21 attack, 21 strength, 17 defence, 24 constitution, 16 slayer, 18 ranged and 17 prayer; but my slayer has come to an halt when I got cave bugs. I need a light source for that, and candles / candle lights can ignite gas which would be a pain in the ass... so for now, more skilling and questing! I will be going out later tonight too so I wont be doing a whole lot of progress today. After that barely had time for a few fishing levels and then had to go. Was going to Festival International de Jazz de Montréal (big jazz festival at montreal that lasts over a week) with a group of people interested in Japan like me so.. was fun! :D ) Also got a few thieving levels when I came back and did one of the thieve's guild miniquest.
  10. Thanks Blake! So this post will be for day #2 of this blog :) Here's a list of the quests I did today; I put the screenshots in the spoiler below in case you just wanna quickly see which one I've done without having to scroll down a bunch. :) Thank god for loadstones haha makes questing with low magic so easier :D - The Blood Pact - Buyers and Cellars - Cook's Assistant - Doric's Quest - Ernest the Chicken - Gertrude's Cat - Goblin Diplomacy - Gunnar's Ground - Myths of the White Lands - One Piercing Note (I have to say, I turned sound on for this quest and wow, it was a great quest! First time I enjoy doing a quest on runescape!) - Murder Mystery - Clock Tower - Dwarf Cannon - Fishing Competition - Hazeel Cult - Monk's Friend - Pirate's Treasure - Plague City - Rune Mysteries - The Restless Ghost - Sheep Herder - Song from the Depths [spoiler=Quests] 22 quests... I think that's plenty for today.. I'll go train something haha Went and started to do some slayer.. and I just got this! :D Now that's enough for today; tomorrow I might go out so I'll get a lot less done but oh well!
  11. Grats on all the progress :o just finished reading the whole blog and wow you're crazy haha :D
  12. Thanks! :D Will edit this post for every picture from today as to not spam :) 200 Total level :D First bird nest! Not too bad :) (it's a papaya seed) Had 23 spins accumulated from quests & subscribing to members, but I got 2 spin tickets and you can't use the 2nd ticket until you use the 1st one, which is the last in the 23 spins... so I'll have to use them now and get bad exp rewards :( Oh well, that's still bonus exp! Useful rewards were: - Adamant hatchet (woot that will save me a lot of woodcutting trouble!) - 6 Medium lamps (1 attack, 1 thieving, 1 hunter, 1 herblore, 2 any skills) - 7 Small lamps (1 prayer, 1 thieving, 1 agility, 1 cooking, 3 any skills) Used the lamps on summoning; here's all the levels I got! Also realised I didn't use my lamps from Death Plateau so I used them on summoning and got 2 lvls; up to 11! And then the 2 exp lamps in one of the strongholds and got to 14. :) Definitely going to save some time getting gp and secondaries for summoning hehe. 300 Total level! Been killing chickens a bit to get enough feathers to turn all these bronze arrowtips into arrows, then I'm not sure what I'll go kill for combat exp.. yet :P Well I'll get a few more feathers so I can get higher fishing but I mean, after that hehe, will figure something out :) Actually think tomorrow will be a questing day.. might change my mind, but I definitely need to do some quests! I think I did some good progress today, I'm at 316 total already. Night :)
  13. Hello everyone :D Welcome to my blog. :) My name is DIYscape (for now, might change it sometime to something better if I get creative) and this will be a blog in which I.. blog.... about what I do on this account. I've been reading some blogs (The Runar's and DIY Dingo's ones) last night, and since I've always wanted to make a DIY account, I decided to finally make one. Now, about 14 hours (and a lot of them were spent sleeping ;) ) I decided that I should try my hands at making my own blog, too! A Little Bit About Myself I'm 18 years old and I live in a french part of Canada... So forgive me for my grammar mistakes; since my native language isn't english. I love music (mainly Metal and Kpop (I know right, nothing alike, haha)), anime, video games, and have a passion about Japan, its culture, and such. I am currently not going to school (Don't know what to study in so decided to take a gap year), but I still haven't managed to get a job yet (although hopefully I will soon). *My* DIY Rules - No Trading Players Except for Heroe's Quest and such quests - No Grand Exchange - No Picking up Others Drops - No Pking - No Assisting (getting or giving) except to open an effigy (if only we could have more than 5 at once... :P) - No Killing bosses in teams - No Lending - No Team Dungeoneering I CAN: - Buy from NPC shops - Use Quest guides - Mine shooting stars and cut evil trees with a team - Make own supplies - Use Squeal of Fortune - Play Minigames A Few of my Goals - Get all barrows sets - Fill the treasure chest (so pretty much get every clue scroll reward) - Get the GWD sets (except nex, ofc) - Get all void armor - Get every minigame reward sets (and the royal cannon from artisan's workshop) - Quest cape maybe? - Maybe after a loooooooooong time maxing? who knows :P Stats at the Beginning of this Blog I will update every day or two, depending on how much I achieve and stuff. Hopefully you'll enjoy seeing my progress! If you do, cya next time! If you don't, thank you for giving me a chance. Hope you all enjoy the rest of your day!
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