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  1. Going to the Rouges Castle in deep wilderness and hopefully get a lockpick drop from them, so I can train thieving in the Thieves guild ready for Master Farmers.
  2. Won 100k, converted the Cloak into gold! Wish I got the uncut diamond instead though :)
  3. Bump, going to finish the clue scroll today. Got to the point where I need a holy Symbol which requires 31 prayer to access the prayer guild to get it blessed :) 25/31 prayer ATM
  4. Obtained my first clue scroll. Need a sapphire ring to complete it though :(
  5. Bump, today I will be doing a few quests and hopefully get 40mining and smithing so I can finally make gold bars for my jewellery.
  6. Bump! Not been on scape in awhile but I'm back. Renew'd my membership yesterday!
  7. Bump, not been on for a few days took a break but now I'm back, the free membership trial has run out so I will be renewing it on monday. Going to be training fishing and cook in f2p currently dropping some bank space to bank my food.
  8. Bump, didn't get chance to come online yesterday so I need to get alot of progress in today :)
  9. Today going to try my best to get all skills to 10 for the milestone cape :D
  10. Currently mining essence to make some airs and mind runes, when I have about 1k minds 2k airs I will then go fire strike fire giants in the waterfall dungeon. Need to do waterfall quest too :P (hopefully get a rune scimmy/med drop :D )
  11. Yeah some parts are a pain like getting gems from mining and crafting/enchanting and getting d'hide for range armour, but it's really fun doing it :)
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