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  1. Happy birthday! :D

  2. Does the default news page connect?
  3. Odd.. Sounds more like more of a network problem than a client issue, but I'll see if I can get our SK mac developer to help.
  4. L 0 L


    Sadly, a handfull of people do that now. I, myself like to cut magic trees while watching a show on Youtube, etc. and when I don't reply to something someone says to me in public, they assume I'm a bot. It's just what RS has become.
  5. L 0 L

    Java problem

    Uninstall all forms of Java, then restart your computer. Try re-installing manually from Java's website and then launch Runescape through Internet Explorer/Swiftkit again.
  6. On a side note, to take a screenshot without swiftkit, it's usually Ctrl+Print screen or FN+Print screen, and from there you can go into something such as Microsoft Paint and either right click 'Paste', File -> Paste, or on Windows 7, there's a paste button located at the very top left. Then 'save as' (file name) and you're done. :)
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