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  1. Quyneax, I think you were right, I've changed where I'm running to when I lure and so far 20 minutes without having to reset. Damn me for being so efficient.. EDIT: Over an hour later, haven't had to reset.
  2. Hmm, perhaps, I have been doing them for quite a while, so like anything you do figure out the best way to do something after a large amount of time.
  3. That wasn't the case last time I was at rock lobsters, I was there well over an hour without having to reset them. Ask anyone who goes to them, you rarely ever had to reset them.
  4. Hello, So I've been doing rock lobsters for quite a bit now to get 96 summoning. Haven't been there in a couple of weeks and I've gone there today to continue getting charms. Now the issue isn't that I'm not getting many charms, the issue lies within Rock Lobsters themselves. Every ten minutes I'm having to run away to make them aggressive again. The last time i was here I could go over an hour without having to reset them once. So my question is, what's happened? Has Jagex nerfed the aggressive times? Thanks, Karl
  5. I know PHP, HTML, CSS, jQuery, etc. So send a PM my way if you like.
  6. Pretty much all they give you, however if you do some rooting around you can find other json's, such as users online, adventurers' log, and a cool system to see who on your friends list is currently online, which world they're on and if they're currently a member or not. But where would be the fun in simply linking you to them? ;)
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